What is a turndown gift?

What is a turndown gift?

A premium hotel is distinguished by its turndown service. Perhaps it's a new carafe of water and slippers next to the bed, or even a piece of chocolate on the pillow. The choice of gifts for a luxury stay reflects this preference for quality over quantity.

When you check out of a hotel, they will usually turn down your bed. This is called a "turndown service". It means that the staff will leave something behind when they leave the room, such as a pillow or blanket. It can be anything from a small gift card to an extra large tip!

People often wonder what kind of gift to give after someone has been turned down in bed. Should it be something practical like a toothbrush or should it be something special like champagne? While it's not recommended to give the same thing every time, it does not hurt to offer a few options.

As long as you aren't giving your friend a series of identical presents, then you're on the right track. A little thought and consideration goes a long way when choosing gifts for others. You want to show how much you care about them even after they've been turned down in bed!

The next time you check out of a hotel, take a look at the turndown service.

What is the point of a turndown service?

A turn-down service at a hotel is the process of preparing a room for a guest to sleep in by slightly pulling back the duvet on the bed, turning down the lights, and so on. In the early evening, a turn-down service is provided. The turn-down service will also close the drapes and turn off the lights.

The purpose of a turn-down service is twofold: first, it gives the guest a feeling of being welcomed and appreciated; second, it reduces the risk of accidental damage to the room or its contents during time that they are not occupied.

Turn-down services are offered daily in large hotels as a matter of course. They usually occur around 6 p.m., but other times may be appointed according to local customs. Services are offered by either uniformed or un-uniformed staff members. Sometimes a bellboy or maid will come into the room to turn down the bed and air out the room before leaving it for the night. Other times a front desk clerk will do this while another clerk types up the night's report. Still others might have a housekeeper come in during the day to turn down the beds and clean the rooms. Whatever the case, the person performing the service should follow these steps: First, he or she should check to see if there is any mail or newspapers waiting for the guest. If not, no problem will have arisen.

What is the difference between turndown service and make-up room service?

Turndown Service vs. Makeup Room Aside from cleaning and arranging your room before you arrive, one of the essential housekeeping services given in modern hotels is the Makeup Room, or MUR. Turndown service, on the other hand, refers to the preparation and refreshing of the room for nighttime. These services are often included in the price of your room.

Makeup Room Service The staff will clean your room thoroughly using only quality products such as bleach, water, and soap. They will also put any necessary items away and make sure that everything is tidy. If anything is missing, they will let you know before they leave the room. This service ensures that your room is ready for another guest when you arrive.

Turndown Service Your room will be cleaned first thing in the morning before you arrive. The cleaning agent used during this process is often scented to make your room more comfortable to sleep in. All dirty dishes, glasses, pots, and pans will be placed in a dishwasher for easy washing later. Dishes will be dried and put away after use. All bathroom surfaces will be cleaned including the shower, toilet, and tub. Any leftover shampoo or soapsuds will be removed from showers to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

Makeup Room After your room has been cleaned, the maid will return and apply a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper, change the bedding if desired, and add items you requested during your stay.

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