How much does it cost to fly from Yangon to Bagan?

How much does it cost to fly from Yangon to Bagan?

You have the option of paying using Western Union or another method. Nyaung U Airport is the name of the airport (IATA NYU). Tickets to Bagan from Yangon start at US $118 on Asian Wings, Air KBZ, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, and Myanmar National Airlines.

The price of airfare to Bagan varies depending on when you book your flight. If you book well in advance, you can find good deals online. However, if you wait until just before your trip, the prices will be higher. We recommend that you book your flight as early as possible, especially if you are going during school holidays or near Christmas.

The average price of a flight from Yangon to Bagan is $118. This means that the price of the flight is about the same no matter how many people are flying. However, the cost per person may vary depending on whether you get a seat on the plane or not.

In addition to the price of the flight, there are other costs involved with air travel that may not be obvious. For example, the type of aircraft you take may affect the cost of your journey. You will need to consider this when you are planning your trip.

There are also taxes that may come out of your pocket. These include an immigration fee upon arrival at the airport, a departure tax when leaving India, and a health insurance premium.

How do you get to Bagan?

Flying is the quickest method to get to Bagan if you're short on time. Many domestic carriers fly nonstop to Nyaung U Airport from Mandalay, Heho, and Yangon. A travel from Mandalay will take around 30 minutes, 40 minutes from Heho, and an hour and 20 minutes from Yangon. From Bangkok there are direct flights to Naypyidaw every other day.

Bagan's airport has a small selection of shops and restaurants, but no banks or ATMs. There are money changers at the exit to buy Myanmar kyats, but they don't accept Thai baht. You can also exchange money at the bank across the road from the airport, but only accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

The trip takes about three hours by bus from the airport into town. Buses leave when full; otherwise, try to find a seat in the morning before everyone else does. The fare is $10 per person. In addition, be sure to bring enough MP3 players to share among your group; these are popular with tourists who want to listen to their own music while traveling.

The bus journey passes through many small towns with dusty roads surrounded by paddy fields. It's easy to imagine yourself being attacked by bandits, but this really happens only if you get onto the wrong bus or join a tour group.

How much does it cost to fly from Seoul to Yangon?

Although these connecting flights lose some convenience, on average, passengers save 20%–60% by flying multi-stop vs a direct trip. The average cost of connecting flights from Seoul to Yangon is $805 USD. Direct flights from Seoul to Yangon cost an average of $1402. These prices come from Google Flights and are updated daily.

There are two main types of air tickets: single flight and round-trip flight. A single flight ticket is good for one way travel only while a round-trip flight ticket can be used for both directions. However, round-trip flights are more expensive than single flights.

The cheapest day to fly from Seoul to Yangon is Monday, with fares around $1288. The most expensive day to fly from Seoul to Yangon is Friday, with prices over $1505. Prices vary significantly depending on the time of year you fly and how far in advance you book your flight tickets.

You can find cheap flights by searching online. The best place to search for cheap flights is Here you can search for flights from Seoul to Yangon by entering the dates you want to travel and how much you want to spend. Google will show you a list of flights and their costs. You can also use other online travel agencies such as Skyscanner, Orbitz, Hotwire, etc.

How much does it cost to get to New Bagan by car?

It takes around 15-20 minutes by automobile to go to New Bagan, and it normally costs roughly 7000–10,000 kyat. Some midrange and premium hotels will bring you up from the airport for free. There are no currency exchanges at the airport (the booths are present but unmanned), so carry enough of kyats. A taxi from the airport to any part of Yangon is about 3500 kyat.

There are two main roads out of town: Main Street and 18th Avenue. Both are well paved with new asphalt and have street lights every 200 meters or so. The only real difference between them is that Main Street has more shops and restaurants and is generally less crowded. It also has several large hotels on it, as well as some fast food joints and gasoline stations. If you're in a hurry, this is the route to take. Otherwise, stay off Main Street and follow 18th Avenue, which is quieter and has fewer tourists.

The city center is small enough to walk around in 30 minutes or less. However, since there are no signs anywhere pointing the way, it's best to ask someone for directions.

If you plan to visit other towns in Myanmar, note that most major cities have bus stations located outside of the old town centers. These buses go to all parts of the country and can be useful for getting around without having to pay extra for a seat on a local bus.

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