How many miles does it take to get to the North Pole?

How many miles does it take to get to the North Pole?

In reality, our flight gets within 85.6 degrees of the North Pole, with the North Pole being 90 degrees. The jet flies 304 miles from Santa's workshop, according to Google Earth.

The North Pole is a geographic point at the end of the Arctic Ocean. It is located in northern Canada between the provinces of Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Although not visible from most places on Earth, it can be reached by air via the nearest airport, Gander International Airport near St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. A road connects Gander with other parts of Newfoundland and continues down the center of Greenland.

The distance between Santa's home in South Korea and the North Pole is so great that the only way to reach it is by flying fast enough to overcome gravity. Even then, you would only reach 85.6 degrees north because after that, even the strongest aircraft need to turn around before they hit the ice wall that surrounds the world at that location.

Santa's Workshop is actually located in South Korea, near Seoul. If you watch any of the Christmas TV shows or movies that feature Santa Claus, you will see his house and workshop located in Europe or North America.

Can you go east or west from the North Pole?

The Geographic North Pole (sometimes known as "true north") is located near the center of the Arctic Ocean, approximately 450 miles (725 kilometers) north of Greenland, the nearest land. All points are south of you if you stand there (you can't move any farther north, and east and west have no bearing). The Magnetic North Pole is not fixed, but rather it wanders around in relation to the Earth's magnetic field which changes direction every few hundred thousand years or so.

Because of this, maps showing directions based on the geographic north pole will eventually become inaccurate because they are pointing in the wrong direction. For example, if you were to follow these instructions based on a map showing directions using the geographic north pole:

"From where I am now, walk north for two days until you find water, then walk east for three days until you find a city with a big screen TV store." That would be a very long trip! Instead, you should use a map that shows directions based on the magnetic north pole because they won't change over time.

How far is it from Fairbanks International Airport to the North Pole?

Fairbanks International Airport is 15.6 miles from the North Pole (25.1 kilometers). Travel time by car is about 20 minutes.

The total distance between Fairbanks International Airport and all other places within the United States is 238 miles (383 kilometers). Travel time per day is about 3 hours 40 minutes.

The travel time shown here is based on the Google Map's traffic conditions at midnight last night. It may vary depending on when you search this route, so we recommend that you explore the map in order to find out real-time travel times.

As there are no rail services or airports near the North Pole, you will need to fly or drive there. The only option for transport across Alaska is by road. Most areas are accessible only by highway, with the exception of some national parks and wildlife refuges. There are also many private lands that can only be reached by foot or horseback ride.

You can get to the North Pole from Fairbanks International Airport in a total driving time of around six hours. The journey takes mainly east-west roads through the Interior of Alaska, but there are also parts where you have to go north-south.

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