How many hours drive from New York to Vermont?

How many hours drive from New York to Vermont?

You have an exciting voyage ahead of you! The travel from New York City to Vermont takes between four and six hours, and there is plenty to see along the route.

The journey begins in Manhattan, which is located at the southern end of the East Coast of the United States. The city is known for its high-rise buildings and public transportation system. It's a popular destination for tourists, with many famous landmarks to see including Times Square and The Statue of Liberty.

After crossing the Hudson River, you will enter New Jersey, which is a state located to the west of New York. Like New York, it has a large population that is predominantly made up of people who work in the service industry or own their own business.

Once in New Jersey, take the Atlantic City Expressway north until it ends at Route 70 in Margate. Turn left onto Route 70 and follow it for about 10 miles until you reach U.S. 1 in Long Beach. Turn right onto U.S. 1 and follow it for another 40 miles until you reach Newport News. Here, you will need to turn left to stay on U.S. 1. Continue driving for 25 more miles until you reach Virginia's border with North Carolina. You have crossed into Virginia.

How far is VT from NYC?

Vermont and New York are separated by a long distance. The shortest flight distance between Vermont and New York is 275.36 miles (443.15 km). The shortest route between Vermont and New York, according to the route planner, is 342.69 miles (551.51 km). It takes roughly 7 hours and 6 minutes to get there by car.

Vermonters often drive to New York for vacation or to visit friends; also, many Vermonters work in New York, so there is a large community of Vermonters in New York. There are more than 1 million people in Vermont, and almost 1 million people in New York. So, statistically, you will probably meet some Vermonters in New York.

In 2016, it took 7 hours and 6 minutes to get from Vermont to New York. This was based on an average speed of 50 miles per hour. A faster driver could have gotten there in under 6 hours, while a slower driver would have taken over 8 hours.

The fastest route between Vermont and New York is via Montreal, Quebec. It takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes to get there. The route follows I-87 through Massachusetts before continuing onto I-90 through Washington State. From there, you can either head back down I-90 or take US 101 all the way into Manhattan.

If you want to see a lot in a short amount of time, then this trip is perfect for you.

How many days do you need in Vermont?

When deciding how long to schedule your vacation, we recommend a minimum of four days, especially if you haven't been before. Vermont's general vibe is leisurely and tranquil, and having four days to explore will allow you to maintain a similar travel rhythm. Of course, if you have more time, then by all means, use it!

The most efficient route for those who don't want to miss anything important while visiting Vermont is to fly into Burlington and drive around the region, stopping where interest takes you. This way you won't be stuck in traffic nor will you miss any beautiful views. The best times to visit are between mid-April and mid-October when the weather is good and there aren't any major events going on (such as the Vermont International Film Festival in late June).

Burlington is the perfect place to start your trip because it has everything you might need: great restaurants, museums, shops, and activities for people of all ages. It's also close to some beautiful natural areas such as Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.

Depending on which part of Vermont you're visiting, it may take up to five hours to reach the other side of the state from Burlington. But don't worry, there are plenty of things to see and do along the way!

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