How long can a tourist stay in Madagascar?

How long can a tourist stay in Madagascar?

The 60-day document you obtained is only good for one entrance and enables you to stay in Madagascar for no more than 60 days per entry. If you want to extend your stay, you will need to obtain another 60-day document.

In practice, most tourists who visit the island for a few months or more don't have any problems getting a permit. The main constraint is the lack of space at airports and borders with other countries. If you are not able to provide evidence that you have found employment in the country or that you have enough money to support yourself while you are there, you may be denied entry into Madagascar.

The government of Madagascar has announced its intention to develop tourism as a source of income and reduce dependence on foreign aid. As the population of the island grows more expensive and it becomes difficult to find jobs, many people move to cities such as Antananarivo (an average salary is about $300 per month) where they work in low-paying jobs.

In conclusion, tourists can stay in Madagascar for up to 90 days without a visa if they enter on a tourist visa and then get a new visa when they receive their first residence permit. Otherwise, they will have to apply for a residence permit.

Do I need a visa for Madagascar?

All travelers to Madagascar must get a visa in order to enter the nation. Foreign travelers can acquire a visa online or on arrival, in addition to obtaining a visa through an embassy or consulate in advance. In addition, they must have a passport that is valid for at least six months and a return or onward ticket. Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom and United States are exempt from this requirement.

What is covered by a Madagascan visa? A single-entry visa covers your stay in Madagascar for up to 90 days. You cannot extend your visit once it has begun. However, if you wish to remain in the country longer than the permitted time, you will need to apply for a multiple-entry visa.

Can I bring my mobile phone to Madagascar? Yes, as long as it is not used for sending messages or making calls. You can take your device with you when you leave the country.

What are the requirements for a Madagascan visa? You must provide two photographs, one of which should be full face and another slightly angled. They should be equal in size and not more than 30 seconds apart. Your photos will be taken during registration at the closest diplomatic mission to where you live.

Do you need a COVID-19 negative to enter Madagascar?

For entry into the nation, COVID-19 negative certification is necessary. To enter Madagascar, you must provide documentation of a negative coronavirus test done within 72 hours of your departure. In addition, you will be needed to take a test at Ivato International Airport. Longer than 12 hours through an airport in a nation where yellow fever transmission is possible will require you to obtain a certificate of vaccination.

Testing at the airport is free, but it can take up to seven days to receive results. During this time, you are required to stay in quarantine. If you test positive, you will be denied entry into Madagascar and sent home.

Madagascar has not issued any restrictions on travel to and from its nations, but visitors should be aware that certain cities in Africa have been identified as having high rates of COVID-19 infection. These include Dakar in Senegal and Luanda in Angola.

People who visit these places should be cautious not to spread the virus by walking around with empty lungs.

Travelers should also be aware that the Malagasy government does not issue visas for short visits (less than 30 days). Also, there are no direct flights between Madagascar and most other countries; travelers must first arrive in South Africa or France, for example. Both nations offer visa-free access for their citizens to go to Madagascar.

Are you allowed to go to Madagascar?

Domestic flights are still in operation. International flights into and out of Nosy Be, which were previously approved, have been canceled. Entry to Madagascar is still prohibited. More than 200-person gatherings are still illegal. If you're traveling to Madagascar, we recommend that you check the status of its entry with your local government agency.

How do I get to Madagascar?

Air Madagascar operates a flight between Antananarivo and Tamatave on its main route between France and Africa. The flight takes about eight hours and costs about €150 (about $180).

You can also take a ferry from Marseille to Tamatave. The voyage takes about nine hours and costs about €90 ($110).

What if I run out of money?

There are no exchange rates in Madagascar, so dollars will always be worth more there than at home or anywhere else in Africa. Thus, if you need to bring some money with you when you leave, try to save up as much as you can.

Do people usually travel to Madagascar?

More than two million tourists visit Madagascar each year, most coming from Europe and North America.

Can a US citizen travel to Madagascar?

More than 400-person gatherings are still illegal. In public, masks and physical distance are required. These restrictions are expected to continue for the time being.

The government has announced new measures to fight COVID-19. Travel by air will be allowed only if necessary for work or health reasons. Visas are not required for Malagasy citizens or residents (except Indian citizens).

Madagascar's isolation makes it an unlikely destination for travelers looking to catch up with friends or family. However, its wildlife reserves and beaches offer much to see and do. If you plan to visit, make sure to check what regulations have been put in place by each country you intend to enter.

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