How far is the outback from Adelaide?

How far is the outback from Adelaide?

Getting to Outback South Australia is part of the adventure of a classic Australian road trip. Drive 5 hours from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges to begin your outback South Australia adventure.

The outback is all of South Australia except for the city of Adelaide and its surrounding area. It's a huge, sparsely populated region with only small towns and villages along the main roads. Most people live in Adelaide or other large cities because this is where all the jobs are.

The word "outback" comes from Aboriginal languages and means empty space. The outback of South Australia is made up of flat arid plains and deserts cut by small creeks and rivers. There are no mountains, hills, or forests!

The outback has very hot summers and cold winters. It usually rains a lot, sometimes for many months at a time. There are often dust storms known as red skies that can close down roads.

Wilpena Pound is an enormous expanse of sand dunes in the heart of the Flinders Ranges. These are the highest and most extensive dunes system in SA and attract rare wildlife including emus, kangaroos, and dunnarts. You can see these amazing creatures living among their ancient shells on a tour with Wild Life Tours.

Where does the road trip from Adelaide to Perth take you?

Please view our complete disclosure for more details. A road trip from Adelaide to Perth is one of the most exciting trips in Australia. It takes you from South Australia to Western Australia, over the bleak Nullarbor Plain, and finally to Perth. The route passes through the famous Outback towns of Alice Springs and Darwin.

The drive is long - it takes about five days - but there's plenty to see along the way. Start in the heart of South Australia at Adelaide City Centre, then head north-west into the Flinders Ranges. Here you can stop off at a variety of attractions including Mount Bold and Wilpena Pound. Continue on towards the western edge of the continent at York Crossing before heading back south through the fertile Barossa Valley and across the Swan River into Western Australia.

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It was first settled by Dutch explorers in 1622 and today has a lively cafe culture. There are lots of museums to visit here including the Australian Museum with its collection of Aboriginal artefacts and natural history specimens. Also worth a look is the Japanese Garden which dates back to 1975.

Australians often travel overseas for their holiday but a great many people travel within Australia for its adventure sports opportunities. There are lots of beaches to be found across the country where you can surf, swim, or dive.

How long does it take to drive from Adelaide to Uluru?

Approximately 17 hours The 1000-mile (1600-kilometer) travel from Adelaide to Uluru takes roughly 17 hours if done in one day, however this is not recommended. The journey is much better spread out over several days, and it will make for an unforgettable Australian road trip.

You can expect to pay around $A25-$A30 per hour on the open road for private vehicles, with larger companies able to charge up to $A50 per hour or more with a good driver. If you have an average vehicle, you should be able to get to Uluru within the allotted time without breaking down too often.

The best way to see the beautiful red rock formation is by 4WD tour. These tours usually include a stop at Olgas Canyon, where you can walk among the ancient fossilized trees dating back millions of years. There are also many opportunities to jump off the side of the road and explore some of the smaller creeks and waterholes along the way.

You can get to Uluru via public transport but it's not advisable unless you have plenty of time and don't mind being confined for a few days. The closest airport to Uluru is Yulara (about 80 kilometers/50 miles away), which has regular flights from Adelaide to Uluru every Wednesday and Friday morning. The flight takes about an hour.

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