How far is New Zealand from New York in hours?

How far is New Zealand from New York in hours?

Travel time between New York, NY and New Zealand: The total flight time between New York, NY and New Zealand is 18 hours, 27 minutes. The average flight time is 17 hours, 55 minutes.

How long does it take to fly from New York to Auckland? It takes about 16 hours when flying non-stop. It's a little more than five hours when stopping over in Honolulu.

What is the distance between New York and Auckland? New Zealand is approximately equal to half the size of Texas or California. It's about 5,500 miles from New York to Auckland. That's about 8,900 kilometers.

How do I get from New York to Auckland? There are several ways to get from New York to Auckland including direct, indirect, and group tours. A direct flight should not cost more than $1,000 USD. An indirect flight may be cheaper if you purchase a ticket on an airline that does not charge extra for a stopover.

What are the most popular cities in New Zealand? Wellington is the most popular city in New Zealand. It's followed by Auckland and Christchurch. These are the three largest cities in New Zealand.

How many hours is it from Scotland to New Zealand?

The flight time from Scotland to New Zealand is 23 hours and 17 minutes. The flying time is about 22 hours when you account for the time needed to fly over water. A British Airways flight from London to Auckland takes off at around 10:30 AM and lands in New Zealand at around 6:50 PM. The return trip takes off at around 2:20 PM and lands at around 9:25 PM.

New Zealand is a long way away, so allow plenty of time for your journey here. Book flights to New Zealand with Skyscanner today!

How far behind NZ is America?

New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of the United States. Spending time in New Zealand and New York

New ZealandNew York (-16h)
Thu 08:00AMWed 04:00PM

How long is the flight from Wales to New York?

The flight time from Wales to New York, NY is 7 hours and 11 minutes. The flight distance is about 2,230 miles or 3,542 kilometers.

This is a non-stop flight. There are no connecting flights between Wales and New York that I'm aware of.

Welsh Airlines operates a daily direct flight from Cardiff to New York City via London Heathrow. The flight departs at 12:05 p.m. and returns at 6:20 p.m. both days of the week. The price is £199.99 for economy class travel.

New York has five major airports that serve as hubs for international air traffic: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Stewart International Airport, and Teterboro Airport. Of these, JFK and LaGuardia are the largest and most important. Jersey City Municipal Airport is only used by local residents and businesses.

From either airport, a taxi to the city center will cost you approximately $30-$40, while the LIRR train is about $15.

How long does it take to get from Auckland to Japan?

Time it takes to fly from Auckland, New Zealand to Tokyo, Japan: The entire flight time between Auckland, New Zealand and Tokyo, Japan is 11 hours and 27 minutes. The distance from Auckland to Tokyo is 10,852 miles (17,476 km).

How far is Tokyo from Auckland? Tokyo is 8,172 miles from Auckland (13,016 km).

What is the fastest way to travel from Auckland to Tokyo? By plane takes about 11 hours and 27 minutes. A train trip would take approximately 28 days.

What is the average speed of planes? Current average flying speed is 556 miles per hour (902 km/hr). The slowest speed ever recorded was 150 mph (241 km/hr), by Alfa Romeo on a closed course in Italy in 1999. The fastest speed ever achieved by a commercial aircraft was 745 mph (1,212 km/hr) by SpaceShipOne on October 4, 2004.

What is the average cost of a plane ticket from Auckland to Tokyo? Auckland to Tokyo flights cost $1155 on average, ranging from $105 for NZ Airways flights to $20,115 for KAL Air flights. Prices vary depending on when you book your flight and how far in advance you buy tickets.

Is New Zealand a day ahead of the US?

The time difference between New Zealand and New York is 16 hours. New Zealand celebrates daylight saving time, so when it's March 21 in New Zealand, it's February 19 in America.

New Zealand uses the 24-hour clock while America uses the 12-hour clock. So 3:14 AM in New Zealand is the same as 14:14 AM in America - not zero hour or midnight!

New Zealand is one of the few countries that use the 24-hour clock. Even though most of Europe uses the 12-hour clock, they also include am/pm in their times. Japan only uses the 12-hour clock too. They call it "Jikokuten" or "Jiko" for short.

There are two ways to tell whether someone is from New Zealand. The first way is by looking at the time zone they're in. If they're on Pacific Time, then they're from New Zealand. The second way is by seeing what time it is in Auckland and Melbourne - people from there will always be waking up early.

New Zealand was part of the British Empire until it became a country in 1960.

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