How far is Gilbert, AZ from the airport?

How far is Gilbert, AZ from the airport?

Gilbert to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is 13.92 miles northwest and 19 miles (30.58 kilometers) by automobile if you choose the North Gilbert Road route. Gilbert and PHX Airport are 24 minutes apart if you travel nonstop. Direct flights between these two cities operate daily.

The drive between Phoenix and Gilbert is well-marked with clear signs directing drivers toward the Valley of the Sun. The route is divided into three major sections: the West Valley Highway, Loop 101 and State Route 87. All three routes are equipped with toll lanes that charge $1.50 per car during peak hours.

Loop 101 is the busiest highway between Phoenix and Tucson. It passes through some sprawling suburbs on its way from north to south. The road has four different names along its length - Loop 101, Loop 202, Loop 303, and Loop 304.

State Route 87 is the only other route besides Loop 101 that connects Phoenix and Gilbert. It goes directly from the city center to the west side of town before turning into North Gilbert Road. SR 87 isn't as busy as Loop 101, but it still sees a lot of traffic.

How far is Glendale, AZ from the airport?

Glendale is 12.42 miles (24.14 kilometers) southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) by automobile if you use the US-60 E route. It's about a 45-minute drive to the city center.

The best way to get to Glendale is with Lyft. There are currently four different routes available at different rates, but expect to pay around $20 for the first half hour and $10 per mile over the free trip limit.

The only real disadvantage to driving is that traffic is heavy in and around Glendale. The town itself is small and most places you want to go can be reached within fifteen minutes. However, if you're trying to get to the airport or downtown Phoenix, then expect it to take closer to an hour.

If you don't have time to drive, the LYNX offers a quick and easy bus service between PHX and Glendale. Buses run frequently and there are several different routes you can choose from; check out the LYNX website for schedules and prices.

How far is Phoenix from Memphis by plane?

Phoenix to Memphis (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport-Memphis International Airport) is 1264 miles (2034 kilometers) or 1098 nautical miles. The flight duration is predicted to be 2 hours and 53 minutes.

What is the distance between Phoenix and Memphis?

The distance between Phoenix, Arizona, and Memphis, Tennessee, is 994 miles (1649 kilometers). It can be traveled in a straight line at an average speed of 531 miles per day.

What direction does Phoenix fly over?

Phoenix is located in the southwest corner of Arizona. It is known as the Valley of the Sun. To the east lies the Grand Canyon and to the west is Yosemite National Park.

What direction does Memphis fly over?

Memphis is located in the middle of Tennessee. It is about 250 miles north of Atlanta and 300 miles south of New Orleans.

How do you get from Phoenix to Memphis?

There are two main methods for getting between Phoenix and Memphis: drive or fly. It takes about 11 hours to drive from Phoenix to Memphis, depending on which route you take. There are also daily flights between these two cities. The price ranges from $120 to $300.

How far is London from Arizona by plane?

Flight distance between Phoenix, AZ (PHX) and London, UK (LHR): The flight distance between Phoenix and London (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport-London Heathrow Airport) is 5271 miles (8483 kilometers), or 4580 nautical miles. The flight time is estimated to be 10 hours and 28 minutes.

From Philadelphia, the distance is 5801 miles (9256 kilometers), or 4881 nautical miles, with a flight time of 11 hours and 13 minutes. From Chicago O'Hare, the distance is 5900 miles (9510 kilometers), or 4920 nautical miles with a flight time of 11 hours and 15 minutes. From New York City, the distance is 6900 miles (11120 kilometers), or 5440 nautical miles with a flight time of 14 hours and 35 minutes.

London is within flying distance of most Western cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. There are direct flights from many US airports to London's Heathrow Airport so you can save money by traveling to Europe instead of going through Miami or Dallas.

The average price for a one-way ticket from Phoenix to London is $1000 - $1200 depending on the season. This cost includes taxes and fees.

A return flight from Phoenix to London costs on average $1500 - $2000 depending on the season.

Where is the international airport in Phoenix, AZ?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: This airport is located in Phoenix, roughly 2 miles northwest of the city center. METRO Nashville ARPT AUTH operates Phoenix Sky Harbor International. The airport has two terminals: Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. Each terminal can be reached by a short shuttle bus ride or a mile-long walk.

Terminal 3 is for domestic flights while Terminal 4 is for international flights. Both have baggage claim, currency exchange, food courts, rental shops, and other services necessary for a comfortable stay. Travelers can access Google Maps and download flight information to their phones at any check-in counter using the Global Entry program.

The airport is equipped with 1,600 parking spaces that are priced based on time. A half-hour parking pass costs $12; an hour ticket is $25; day passes are also available for $60 and $100 respectively. There are also paid parking facilities with rates comparable to downtown Phoenix ($20 for 24 hours).

Sky Harbor offers a free airport shuttle service called "Aircraft Bus" that runs between 6am and midnight daily. The bus stops at six locations within a three-mile radius of the airport, including near most major hotels in downtown Phoenix. Passengers must provide a valid form of identification (driver's license, passport) to board the bus.

What airport do you fly into for Chandler, AZ?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The airport is named after its former mayor, Daniel F. Gorman. He proposed the first official plan for the airport in 1948. The current mayor of Phoenix is Greg Stanton who was elected on November 8, 2014 to replace Thomas M. Menino, who died in office.

The airport has two main terminals: Terminal 4 and Terminal 3. Terminal 4 is the largest terminal at Sky Harbor with 40 gates available for use. It opened in August 1998. Terminal 3 has 16 gates and it opened in September 1994. Both terminals are air-conditioned and have food options, shopping areas, and free parking.

Chandler-Phoenix Regional Airport is a small public use airport located three miles northeast of downtown Chandler. The airport had one runway until it was split into two parallel runways in 2009. There are no jet bridges or high-speed security checkpoints at this airport.

The airport is mostly used by private aircraft but also serves as a diversion airport for large commercial flights during bad weather. Private aircraft come from all over the United States to park at Chandler-Phoenix Regional Airport because there is no charge for parking or landing fees.

How far is the flight from Phoenix to Maui?

Phoenix to Kahului (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport-Kahului Airport) flight distance is 2845 miles (4578 kilometers) or 2472 nautical miles. The flight duration is predicted to be 5 hours and 53 minutes. Information about the airport

BKahului Airport
Coordinates:20°53′54″N, 156°25′47″W

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