How far is Cary from the beach?

How far is Cary from the beach?

Cary to Carolina Beach is 131.35 miles southeast and 149 miles (239.79 kilometers) by automobile if you use the I-40 route. If you drive nonstop, the distance between Cary and Carolina Beach is 2 hours and 21 minutes. This is the shortest route from Cary, North Carolina to Carolina Beach, North Carolina. The highway distance is not significant; it's the stoplights along the way that count.

The fastest route between Cary and Carolina Beach is through Raleigh because it avoids all city stops. This route takes about an hour and 10 minutes to two hours depending on traffic. There are no gas stations along this route so plan accordingly.

The official address of Cary is 1200 Miller Farm Road but there is no street address for downtown Cary. There are several different neighborhoods within the city limits of Cary with different levels of comfortability. The best place to stay in Cary is somewhere near the water because of the climate. There are also a few good options for dining out in Cary.

Carolina Beach is a town on the shore of Pamlico Sound with a population of over 8,000 people. It is known for its surfing and fishing beaches. Duke University Medical Center is located in nearby Durham. Carolina Beach is home to IDEA World Headquarters as well as many other international companies.

Carolina Beach was originally built up by fishermen who settled around 1875.

How far is Garner from Cary?

Garner to Cary is 10.87 miles (22.53 kilometers) northwest and 14 miles (22.53 kilometers) via vehicle through the I-40 and US-64 roads. If you drive nonstop, Garner and Cary are 17 minutes apart. This is the shortest route from Garner, North Carolina to Cary, North Carolina.

In terms of distance, Garner is closer to Cary than most other cities across America. It is recommended that you allow about an hour to travel between these two cities.

Cary is located in Wake County, North Carolina. It has a population of over 100,000 people. It is surrounded by Raleigh to the north, Morrisville to the east, and Apex to the south and west. The city center is located at 37°N 81°W. It has a land area of approximately 70 square miles (180 km2) and a water area of 3.3 square miles (8.6 km2).

When Europeans first arrived in North Carolina, Cary was still a small town called Flat Rock. It became known as Flat Rock because there were no hills anywhere near it. In 1755, the British government awarded a land grant to William Cary. He built his house on what is now High Street in Cary's historic district. Today, this area is considered one of the best places to live in North Carolina. It is home to beautiful homes, a good school system, and easy access to the city center.

How far is Morganton, North Carolina from the beach?

Morganton to Carolina Beach is 245.18 miles southeast of Charlotte and 287 miles (461.88 kilometers) via automobile along US-74. Morganton and Carolina Beach are 5 hours and 7 minutes away if you drive nonstop. This is the shortest way from Morganton, North Carolina to Carolina Beach, North Carolina. A faster route would be to drive south on US-421/US-74 toward Asheville, North Carolina and then turn east onto I-26 toward Jacksonville, Florida and then continue down to Carolina Beach.

The quickest way to get from Morganton, North Carolina to the beach is to fly. The flight time is about an hour and 45 minutes from Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia to Reedy Creek Airport in Carolina Beach. You can find airfare to Norfolk International Airport online for around $100 - $150 per person.

If you prefer a bus option, Greyhound offers service from Morganton to Raleigh-Durham International Airport with stops in Winston-Salem and Graham. Travel time is nine hours and forty-five minutes and tickets cost around $45.

Driving is also an option if you have a couple of days to kill. This route takes you through some beautiful scenery including the Blue Ridge Mountains and Biltmore Estate. The road was built early this century and is known as the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is recommended to drive this route at a reasonable hour so you can see all of its beauty when the sun is out.

How far is Pinehurst, NC from the beach?

Pinehurst to Carolina Beach is 120.23 miles southeast of Pinehurst and 146 miles (234.96 kilometers) via automobile via the NC 87 Bypass. Pinehurst and Carolina Beach are 2 hours and 55 minutes distant if you travel nonstop. This is the shortest route from Pinehurst, North Carolina to Carolina Beach, North Carolina. The drive time is one hour and 45 minutes when traveling by car.

Public transportation is available in Pinehurst with the Downeaster bus service that runs between Boston, Massachusetts and Richmond, Virginia with stops along the way. The bus travels along U.S. Route 17 through South Carolina before entering North Carolina where it passes through Pinehurst before continuing on to Wilmington, Raleigh, and Cary. Travel time is approximately six hours. A taxi from Pinehurst to the beach will cost about $150.

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