How expensive is Burnaby?

How expensive is Burnaby?

The following is a breakdown of the cost of living in Burnaby, Canada: The anticipated monthly expenditures without rent are $3,658 ($4,516C). Without rent, a single person's monthly expenditures are expected to be $993 ($1,226C). Burnaby is 22.04 percent cheaper than New York (without rent).

In addition to the monthly budget, you should also allocate some of your income for savings and investment. In Burnaby, a single person should save 10-20 percent of his or her income for retirement. Based on our calculation, the cost of living in Burnaby is 16.49 percent of your monthly income.

Burnaby is one of the more expensive cities in Canada. The cost of living here is higher than most other Canadian cities. A single person can expect to spend about 50 percent more in Burnaby than in a lower-cost city like Victoria. If you're looking to move to a smaller city with a low cost of living, consider Vancouver Island instead.

Is Burnaby cheaper than Vancouver?

Burnaby has a lower cost of living than Vancouver on a purely numerical basis. Across the board, it's around 10%–20% less expensive. However, there is a cost to this. Burnaby's overall household income is lower, and there is a commute into the downtown area. These factors mean that you should not expect to be able to buy a house in Burnaby and live comfortably at least without spending most of your money. Also, because there are fewer rich people in Burnaby, there are also few big-name stores or malls where you can go for shopping breaks.

In conclusion, yes, Burnaby is cheaper than Vancouver.

How expensive is it to live in Victoria, BC?

The following is a summary of the cost of living in Victoria, Canada: Without rent, a family of four would spend $3,447 ($4:313C) each month. Without rent, a single person's monthly expenditures are expected to be 938 dollars (1,174 Canadian dollars). Victoria is 24.88 percent cheaper than New York (without rent).

In addition to costing more than most other cities, Victoria also has the highest price of food in BC. A loaf of bread can cost up to $2.50 while the average price of a meal out is $30.66. Gas prices are high across much of BC, at $1.48 per liter. Electricity costs are lower than most other provinces but still higher than most other North American countries.

Overall, living in Victoria is more affordable than living in other parts of Canada and the United States, but not by much. There is a large difference between what you can afford based on your income and what the market will allow you to pay. If you can afford a 20 percent down payment on a house, for example, then you can probably save enough to be able to afford that kind of purchase price.

However, if you cannot come up with that much money right away, then you should consider whether living in Victoria is right for you given that you will need to spend more of your income on housing than you might otherwise have been able to save.

How safe is Burnaby?

Burnaby, Canada crime statistics

Level of crime40.64Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years69.38High
Worries home broken and things stolen38.09Low
Worries being mugged or robbed29.42Low
Worries car stolen38.88Low

How expensive is it in Gainesville?

Gainesville has a cost of living index of 89.9.

COST OF LIVINGGainesvilleFlorida
Median Home Cost$183,000$237,100

How expensive is living in Hong Kong?

The following is a summary of the cost of living in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: A family of four might expect monthly expenditures of $3,922 ($30,481HK) without rent. Without rent, a single person's monthly expenditures are expected to be $1,109 ($8,617HK). With rent, those figures increase to $4,949 ($39,764HK) and $2,158 ($16,852HK), respectively.

Using the chart below, find the estimated monthly costs of living in Hong Kong. Calculate the total cost of living over one year and five years.

Note that the prices shown here are in US dollars (not HK dollars), so you must multiply the given price by the conversion rate of 1 US dollar = 7.8 HK dollars to obtain the estimate for Hong Kong.

Also note that although prices tend to rise over time in Hong Kong, the percentage change in prices over time may not reflect how much they have increased since 2011. The cost of living in Hong Kong has increased since then, but the Consumer Price Index only measures changes from one month to another so it cannot tell us whether prices have risen more than 20 percent or less than 20 percent over time.

In addition, because Hong Kong is an international trading hub, its economy is likely to vary significantly from city to city within the territory as well as between the territory and China.

How expensive is Austin?

The cost of living in Austin is 119.3

Median Home Cost$369,000$195,000

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