How do you pay for darts in Dublin?

How do you pay for darts in Dublin?

DART tickets must be purchased prior to boarding the train. Tickets for single, return, and multiple journeys may be purchased at all stations' ticket machines or online prior to the trip. Only a few of the bigger stations have manned ticket desks. If you need help buying a ticket, staff are available at some stations during opening hours to provide advice and sell tickets.

Children under 12 years old travel free when accompanied by an adult. This includes those riding the DART for the first time. Children aged 12-17 can usually obtain a discounted fare by presenting a valid ID card or passport. Those 18 and over pay full price for their tickets.

The cost of a Dart ticket depends on how far you want to travel. A single journey between two adjacent stations is called a "turn" and costs €1.50. A return journey is called a "returned journey" and costs €3.00. A ten-journey ticket (€30) is called a "tourist pass".

Student fares are available to students who produce a valid ID card or passport. These include people traveling with school groups, adults looking after young children, and retired people who are still working but not earning enough to qualify for an ordinary job permit.

Disabled persons can buy discounted tickets - either a full price ticket or a half-price student ticket.

Where can I get a rail ticket to Dublin?

Visit our DART and Short Hop Zone Fares calculator for fares from Dublin Heuston to Park West, Clondalkin/Fonthill, Adamstown, Hazelhatch/Celbridge, and Sallins/Naas. Please see our Ticket Information section for more information on ticket kinds. You can also use our Irish Rail station guide to find out which stations have trains running into Dublin.

Short hop tickets are available at some stations but not all. These are the cheapest tickets available so they're usually only worth considering if you don't need to travel far or don't want to bother with waiting at a staffed ticket office. They're also limited in number so make sure you check before you travel that there aren't any other passengers already booked into the same area.

Long hops are normal tickets that cover a distance of over 100 miles. These are the most expensive tickets available and are the best option if you need to travel in comfort or with plenty of time to spare.

There are several different types of ticket: standard, flexi-day, one-way, return and two-return. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages so it's important to understand how they work before you travel to avoid any nasty surprises once your journey starts.

Where do you get your darts in Dublin?

DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is a high-frequency service that runs along Dublin's shoreline. The DART line runs from Malahide or Howth in North Dublin south to Greystones in County Wicklow. It is operated by Dublin Bus and is designated the D8.

The Dart has two general types of vehicles: DART Cars and DART Expresses. Both are low-floor buses, but they serve different routes and have different capacities. There are also some older DART cars that are not classified as either type of vehicle.

DART cars have seating for up to 74 people and can run up to 140 miles per hour. They were originally built by Volvo between 1975 and 1981. These are the most expensive tickets on the network, costing 1 euro.

DART expresses have lower floors and are only able to carry 50 people. They were also originally built by Volvo but later replaced by Scania N130Ds. These are the cheapest tickets on the network, costing 60 centimes.

Children under five travel free at any time on the Dart, while those aged five to 15 pay half price. Students with an ISIC card show their card at the driver's door before entering the bus and are entitled to a 10 percent discount.

Seniors over 65 get a 20 percent discount on all fares.

How do you pay for the bus in Cork?

With most cases, you may pay your fare in cash. Tickets can also be purchased online. Bus Eireann's website has information on the many types of tickets available, including schoolchildren's tickets and regional commuter tickets.

Buses in Cork operate from around 5am until midnight, with limited services during night time hours (between 11pm and 5am). There are two main bus stations in Cork: Cobh port station and Mahon airport station.

Cork buses are divided into zones. The cost of a single journey varies depending on which zone you are in. The minimum price is €1.50, but some routes are more expensive at peak times. You can buy tickets from the driver or use an e-ticketing app such as Tap, Go Tap or MyBus.

In Cork, there is no need to show proof of identity to board a bus, however, if you are under 18 you must travel with an accompanying adult over 21 years old. The driver will check this with you when you board the bus.

If you miss your bus connection, you can get a refund within 72 hours of making the request at any Bus Éireann office. The amount refunded will be less than the full ticket price but more than zero.

How do you get to Bull Island from Dublin?

Here's how to get there: Dublin Dublin Bus 130 (timetable) runs from the city center to the Bull Wall (also known as the Wooden Bridge) and the mainland side of the south lagoon. Rail: DART (timetable of train services) from Dublin City to Raheny Station. The causeway, which is the major access route onto the island, is a one-kilometer walk away. Taxi: Approximately 30 minutes into the trip, the driver will ask if you want to stop at Bull Island.

What does it cost to visit Bull Island?

Entry to the island is free but donations are welcome. There are information boards on site with details about conservation efforts and current bird sightings. It's a great place to watch birds in their habitat.

Is Bull Island safe during the day?

Yes, the island is very safe to visit during the day. However, visitors should be aware that parts of the island can be exposed to high levels of air pollution from nearby roads and industry. During these times, please take this into consideration when planning activities.

Does your business have any specific requirements for visiting clients or employees?

Bull Island Country Park is a pleasant place to visit. However, due to its remote location, the only form of transport available is by car or bus. These run from the Dublin city center and drop off passengers at the country park entrance, next to the wooden bridge over the lagoon. No public transportation is available.

How do you book a train ticket online with a free travel pass in Ireland?

Instructions for booking a "Free Travel Pass or valid ticket holder" option are provided in detail. 1st step: In the "From" and "To" sections, enter your origin and destination, then select a "Single" or "Return" ticket and date (s). Select the kind and number of passengers traveling on the trip, such as two adults and one student.

Next, choose whether you want to pay by credit card or electronic check. If you have a promotional code, enter it here. Otherwise, click the "Continue" button.

At this point, you can choose your seat type, either general or reserved. If you want to guarantee a specific seat, you can purchase one at this time.

If you prefer, you can also add additional travelers' names and email addresses to send free tickets via text message.

Finally, review your order and click the "Place My Order" button. The system will display any available tickets that match your selection criteria. You can print these out immediately or proceed to the next step - paying for your order.

You will need to enter a credit card number and expiration date during the payment process.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing information about your booking and receipt details. Your free travel pass will be sent separately within 14 days of placing your order.

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