How do you get to Fortree City?

How do you get to Fortree City?

To go to Fortree City, defeat your father (Norman) at the Petalburg Gym and receive Surf from Wally's parents. Route 118 may be reached by traveling to Mauville. You will be routed to the Weather Institute on Route 119 to eliminate Team Magma or Team Aqua and get Castform. From there, travel to Fortree City via the Pathway of Life.

Fortree City is located in northeastern Hoenn. It is home to the Fortree Park and the Fortree Museum. The city was named after its founder, Harold "Hal" Fortree. He is a friend of Pauline's who lost his life in the eruption of Mt. Pyreus.

In Fortree City, you can buy items at the Fortree Shop. It is only accessible after you clear all the events required to open it up.

There are also various routes you can take to reach Fortree City. One is through the Kalos Region in the south-central part of Hoenn. You can find Route 118 leading into it from Mauville Town and another one that goes through the Cerulean City Region in the eastern part of Kanto.

The third option is to travel to Mauville City and then head east on Route 118. This route is available only if you have completed the Battle Tower event by going to Ilex Island and defeating the Chief Officer Arnold before heading to Fortree City.

How do you get to the gym in Fortree City in Pokemon Emerald?

Say it aloud: "Pause." When the player first arrives in Fortree City, the Fortree Gym is inaccessible due to an unseen Kecleon obstructing the way to the gym. After meeting Steven on Route 120 and receiving the Devon Scope from him, the player may make the Kecleon move aside, giving access to the gym. However, if the player fails to defeat the Kecleon before entering the gym, it will reappear when exiting the building again preventing them from accessing the gym.

The only way to reach the Fortree Gym is with a bike. There are two ways to obtain a bike: through random chance or by trading some of your items for one. If you choose to use random chance, then there is a chance that it will appear somewhere in the city.

How do I get into the Lilycove hideout?

Go to Lilycove City in Hoenn's east. Travel northeast from the beach with Surf until you reach the cave that serves as Team Aqua's stronghold. If you miss the cave, you'll run into Wailmer's barricade. Enter the cave and proceed to the door located in the northeast corner of the entry room. This will lead you to the next area.

Team Aqua's Lair: This is where all the action takes place! The entrance to this area is guarded by two Spearow, so bring some water guns or be prepared to use other means of attack. Once you defeat them, you can enter the room beyond where a few Geodude will appear. There are also several Rock Slide traps in this room, so be careful not to trigger any of them. When you're ready, go back through the doorway at the end of the room and enter the last room on your left.

The Final Battle: In this room there are three pairs of Electric types: Electivire and Elekid in the north, Magnemite and Magneton in the south. Use these opponents to determine how you want to handle this battle. You can choose to have one electric type fight each pair, or both can be used together. Either way, keep an eye out for Energy Balls, which can be obtained after defeating certain trainers in the game. Use these to heal any of your attacks that would normally finish off an opponent.

What do you do after you reach Sootopolis City?

Rayquaza will awaken and put an end to the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. So, when you've woken it, travel to Sootopolis and wait till the cutscene is over. Talk to the two team leaders (magma and aqua), then to the person in front of the gym. That'll be enough to complete your mission here.

How do you get past Team Aqua in Lilycove City?

Visit the port on the city's east end. When you arrive, you'll find that Team Aqua has stolen a submarine from the harbor. Enter the cave and you should see "The Boss" near the entrance. Fight him/her to complete the mission.

How do you get out of Slateport City?

  1. Route 109. When Mr. Briney stops the ship, you start in Route 109.
  2. Explore Slateport. You can do a lot here.
  3. Deliver the Goods. Go east and find the building with ships next to it.
  4. Go North. Now that you fought the Team Aqua/Magma Grunts, you can use the north exit of town to go to Route 110.

How do I get into Sootopolis city?

To get to Sootopolis City, take Route 126, which may be reached by heading south from Route 124 or west from Route 127. When you get to Route 126, head to the south end of the region and use Dive, then enter the underwater cave entrance near the south end of the rocks in the middle. Inside the cave, go right until you reach a dead end with a blue key on a pedestal. This is the only way into Sootopolis City.

After you enter the cave, you will come out in the Sootopolis District. There are several places to explore here, including the Ruins of Sootopolis, where you can find some items including the Sootopolis Gym Badge and Pokedex. There's also a small pond with a few fish in it that you can catch if you want to eat something afterward. When you want to leave Sootopolis City, head back to Route 126 and follow it east until you reach the surface. You will be in Sootopolis City again after diving underground.

How do you get to Fuchsia City in soul silver?

You will enter Route 16 from the west gate to Celadon City on your route to our next stop, Fuchsia City. Follow the trail till you reach the cut-able tree on the west side, then take that tiny way back to the home, Trendy Sayings bloke.

There's not much more to say about this city except that it is very famous for its jewelry industry. There are many jewel shops in Fuchsia City where you can buy beautiful items made of gold and gems.

Fuchsia City is also known as the Diamond City because of the huge amount of diamonds that are found there. Mining has been done here for years but only recently have people started buying up land with plans to turn it into luxury homes.

This is one of those stops on my tour where I would like to point out that not all games are available on the Nintendo Switch. This game was originally released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.

If you ask me how to get to Fuchsia City, I would say take the path less traveled by and visit some of these cities before reaching your destination. Have fun exploring!

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