How do I get to Chappy?

How do I get to Chappy?

The Chappy Ferry is located on Dock Street in Edgartown, immediately adjacent to Memorial Wharf. The ferry goes 527 feet, lasts around 2 minutes, and transports you to another universe ($6 round trip with a bike). The boat is dubbed "On Time" since it has no formal timetable and simply travels back and forth throughout the day. There is a small parking lot next to the dock that can hold up to 3 cars. A sign indicates which direction the ferry will travel after it leaves dock.

The ferry is free and runs from about 7:30 AM until dusk daily. It's best to arrive at the dock at least 15 minutes before it leaves so you have time to buy tickets and find a seat.

Chappy is a tiny island 4 miles south of Edgartown center with a population of only 150 people. The only real attraction is the house where John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed in 1999; however, many believe he was murdered on Nantucket instead.

You can reach Chappy by taking the Edgartown-Vineyard Village Shuttle (free with your Island Explorer pass) or renting a car. Either way, you'll need to walk across the street from the ferry terminal to the dock.

In addition to the Chappy ferry, Edgartown has several other forms of public transportation.

How do I get to East Beach, Chappaquiddick?

From the Chappaquiddick Island ferry pier, take Chappaquiddick Road until it sharply bends right. Dike Bridge Road should be followed straight ahead. Parking is available either before or after the bridge. You may also get to the beach by entering through the Wasque Reservation. Be sure to bring identification with you when visiting the reservation.

The road to the bridge is closed to traffic during daylight hours; pedestrians and cyclists are permitted access. The view from the bridge is considered one of the island's best views from any point on its shoreline.

East Beach is the largest beach on Chappaquiddick Island. It is known for its white quartz sand and clear waters that are perfect for swimming. There are a number of large boulders at the north end of the beach that provide shade and place to sit if you'd like. A trail leads down from the parking area to the east beach entrance, but this section of the path is not recommended for those who have physical limitations because there are several steep steps to climb. Swimming is safe here, however.

The west end of the beach is more wooded, while the east end has fewer trees and more open space. Both ends have playgrounds available for children to use as well as ball fields where people can exercise while listening to music or talking on their phones. There are also picnic tables and grills available for guests to use.

Can you take your car to Chappaquiddick?

On Daggett Street, cars queue for the boat (please see our Directions page). If there is a long line, a salesman may accept your tickets and prices before your car takes the ferry. Round-trip car, bike, and passenger prices cover the travel to and from Chappaquiddick. There are no charges for children under 12 years old.

The captain will announce which cars can go on board next. You then have about 10 minutes to get to the front of the line. Once your car is loaded, the driver will receive instructions on how to get to the other side of the channel.

Once on the other side, the driver will need to find a police officer to hand over his or her license plate number. The officer will write down the registration number of your car. This is required by law to be done if you are involved in an accident on Chappaquiddick Island. The officer will also ask you some questions about the incident. These are usually very basic things like who was at fault and what damage was done but it's best to be honest here since lying about these things could lead to problems later. After talking with both parties, the officer will let you go unless there's further investigation needed. In that case, he or she will call for more officers to come out.

If all goes well, you shouldn't have any problems getting your car back.

How do you get to Chappaquiddick?

To go to Chappaquiddick Island, you must first go to Martha's Vineyard. There are no land links, bridges, or tunnels linking us to the mainland, therefore you must arrive by boat or air. The majority of visitors come on one of the several ferries that service our harbors.

The trip is about an hour and a half each way, depending on traffic. If you drive, leave your car in Edgartown and take the ferry across the island to Chappaquiddick. From there, it's a five-minute ride into Oak Bluffs, where there are plenty of parking spots available for a fee. You can also bike or walk to most destinations on the island.

Chappaquiddick Island has beaches, hiking trails, and some great restaurants. In addition, there are two small museums that offer interesting insights into the history of the island. After spending some time on Chappaquiddick, you may want to visit the nearby town of Edgartown, which has more shopping options and better food. Although most people come to Chappaquiddick for the day, it's a good place to stay if you want to explore other parts of Massachusetts.

If you have time only for one thing on Chappaquiddick, make sure it's the main beach. People usually head here to swim, sail, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.

How do I get to Tangier?

Tangier Island can only be reached by boat. You can take the ferry if you don't have a boat. The island is approximately 13 miles from the mainland. Depending on the tide and weather, that's a 90-minute ferry voyage or less. There are no cars allowed on the island.

The best way to see much of the island is by bike. They will provide you with a map showing various points of interest. You can also walk around the island, but make sure you bring sturdy shoes for the many hills!

There are several hotels on the island that charge between $150 and $500 per night. These include The Oxford Hotel and Tangier Island Club. You can find more information about these places at their website links listed in this article.

You can eat inside one of the restaurants on the island. Otherwise, you will need to bring your own food. It is recommended that you bring some type of liquid food such as milk, juice, or water because there are no stores on the island. Make sure to pack some type of protein since there are no plants that would make suitable meat products.

As long as you avoid saying "I do" and "I don't" too many times, you should be able to figure out what people like and don't like through conversation topics. If not, just ask them directly.

How do you get to Les Saintes-Guadeloupe?

To reach Guadeloupe by boat from Les Saintes,

  1. From Pointe a Pitre, Bergevin maritime station, 1-2 crossings in the morning, which take about an hour, returns late afternoon.
  2. From Trois Rivières, crossing takes 20 minutes, 18 Euros return.
  3. From Basse-Terre, daily crossings except Sundays, boat sails in the morning.

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