How do I get from London St. Pancras to Waterloo?

How do I get from London St. Pancras to Waterloo?

The Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus, then a cross-platform change to the Victoria line, is the quickest way to get from Waterloo to Kings Cross St. Pancras tube station. At Waterloo, there are some steps down to the Bakerloo platform, but the change at OxC is extremely simple. There's also an elevator between the two lines.

Travel time by bus from London Bridge to Greenwich takes about 50 minutes. The best value for money option is the 119 which costs £4.90 and runs every 20 minutes. Buses run from London Bridge bus station, across the river from London Bridge underground station, and also from Southwark bus station in Southwark, near the Tower of London.

A taxi from London Bridge to Greenwich will cost you around £20. The journey time by car is around 30 minutes. If you have a lot of luggage, it might be easier to use public transport instead.

There are two ways to get to London Bridge from St. Pancras: take a train or the Thames Clipper ferry. Both options are easy and convenient. The tube station is directly underneath the bridge, so once you're on the platform you can see Kings Cross St. Pancras ahead of you.

The boat trip takes about 25 minutes and is very scenic.

Is there an underground train from St Pancras to Waterloo?

There are no direct Underground trains from St Pancras International to Waterloo; instead, take the Piccadilly Line southbound to Piccadilly Circus and transfer to a southbound Bakerloo Line train. It's worth noting that the St Pancras International subterranean station is called "Kings Cross, St Pancras."

Alternatively, you can walk about 15 minutes from St Pancras to Waterloo via Euston Road and The Strand. Or take the Eurostar train or the Thames Clipper ferry to Calais/Boulogne, then change for another train to Waterloo.

See our Thames Clipper return route page for more information on getting to/from London Bridge and Waterloo.

How long is the bus from Kings Cross to Waterloo?

The journey from London Kings Cross Station to Waterloo Station takes around 11 minutes, including transfers. Where can I get the bus from London Kings Cross Station to Waterloo Station? London Buses operates bus services from St Pancras International Station to London Kings Cross Station and Waterloo Station. The service runs every 10 minutes between 6am and 12:30am, with additional services during peak periods.

Kings Cross Station is one of three major hubs for National Rail services into London: the other two being Victoria and Paddington. The area is also served by several Underground stations: Kings Cross, St Pancras (on the Euston Road), Bank (on the Baker Street Line).

Waterloo is a major interchange station on the London Underground network, serving as a terminus for the Waterloo & City Line from 2019. It is also the location of Royal Waterloo Bridge, which crosses the River Thames to Whitehall.

Whitehall is the central administrative district of the British government territory of Westminster. It is split into two parliamentary constituencies: Westminster North and Westminster South. The area is home to many high-profile buildings such as 10 Downing Street and No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

12 Church Street is a street in the City of Westminster, London, that forms part of the A40 road.

How much is a taxi from London Kings Cross to Waterloo?

The quickest method from London Kings Cross Station to Waterloo Station is by cab, which takes 9 minutes and costs between PS16 and PS20. The distance is 1.9 miles and the rate is fixed at $10.00.

There are also options for bus or rail, but these will take longer than a taxi. The best option depends on how quickly you need to get from Kings Cross to Waterloo, as well as your preference for a comfortable or cheap journey.

The average cost of a taxi from Kings Cross to Waterloo is $22. This is more than most other methods of transport, except rail which is approximately twice as expensive.

A taxi from Kings Cross to Waterloo is easiest to find at the rank outside the station entrance. Alternatively, you can call one of the many companies offering a taxi service from their website or app. It's important to book in advance if you want to be sure of a ride out of town when necessary.

How do I get from Heathrow to Canterbury?

The quickest way to go from Heathrow to Kings Cross/St Pancras is to take the tube (London Underground rail) to Kings Cross/St Pancras, then take the overland high-speed train to Canterbury West. The tube ticket is purchased at the Heathrow tube station. The ticket for the high-speed (overland) train is purchased at St Pancras. It is not necessary to purchase either ticket in advance.

To go by bus, there are two options: the X90 coach service or the Green Line shuttle bus. Both run between Heathrow and Kent regularly; the frequency depends on how busy the route is. There are no direct buses between Heathrow and Canterbury but there are connections available with other routes around London. These include the 168 bus to Kensington High Street and the N168 road. From here you can change to another bus or train that goes to Canterbury.

In addition, Heathrow has its own free airport shuttle service called the Heathrow Connect which runs between five different locations across London. Destinations include Baker Street, Bank, Paddington, Shepherd's Bush, and Victoria.

Heathrow is a major international airport serving London and the surrounding area. The airport is 25 miles south of the capital, close to the village of Hurley near Reading. It handles more than 45 million passengers a year, making it the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Europe.

Canterbury is a cathedral city in Kent about 50 miles west of London.

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