How do I get from Delphi to Meteora?

How do I get from Delphi to Meteora?

KTEL Trikala's Delphi to Meteora (Station) bus service leaves from Delphi station. Is it better to take the train or the bus from Delphi to Meteora (Station)? The train from Delphi to Meteora (Station) takes 4h 31m and costs 50-65 EUR. You may alternatively take the bus, which will cost you between 19 and 28 EUR and would take 6 hours and 4 minutes. There are buses departing from Plovdiv bus station to Delphi every hour starting at 7 AM and finishing at 8 PM.

The best way to get from Delphi to Meteora is with a train because it's the fastest option and also efficient due to its low emissions. Trains are available from all major cities in Greece including Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Kifisia and Pylos. However, if you don't have a lot of time or aren't interested in trains, then the bus is also an excellent choice. The bus is comfortable and has many convenient options for shopping and eating. In addition, the drive from Delphi to Meteora is beautiful!

There are two main ways to get from Delphi to Meteora. One is by train and the other is by bus. The train is recommended for those who want to save time while the bus is good for those who want to see more of the country. Either way, your trip will be comfortable either by train or by bus.

How do I get from Olympia to Delphi?

Without a car, the best way to go from Olympia to Delphi is by bus through Patras, which takes 5 hours 40 minutes and costs EUR22-EUR30. How much time does it take to get from Olympia to Delphi? The journey from Olympia to Delphi takes around 5 hours and 40 minutes, including transfers.

The fastest way to get from Olympia to Delphi is by train with Olympiade Express for EUR12. However, this service is only available on certain days of the week, and limited capacity is offered so make sure to book ahead at

Olympia is served by two airports: Olympia (OLY) and Faliro (FAL). A new airport is under construction about 30 miles away in Kifisia, but it isn't open yet. If you need to fly in or out of either location, check before you travel when schedules are published online.

Buses are the most common form of transport in Greece. There are three main companies that run buses between Olympia and Delphi: KTEL, OASIS and Rodopi. All tickets must be purchased in advance - without a ticket there is no way to travel on these buses!

Delphi is served by one airport: Delphi (DEL).

How do I get from Athens to Delphi?

Delphi is around 100 miles (161 kilometers) from Athens and may be visited as a day excursion. The most pleasant mode of transportation from Athens to Delphi is via private transfer, while the cheapest mode of transportation is by bus. There is no train connection from Athens to Delphi, and there is no airport in the town. You can reach Delphi by ferry from Piraeus port, but this takes at least half a day.

The trip from Athens to Delphi is best done over three days. You could start in the Greek capital city and spend one day visiting its major sights, before heading off to Delphi on the second day. From there you could head back to Athens on the third day. If you have only two days in Athens, then visit it in the order listed here and make sure you see all the main attractions.

Athens has many museums and archaeological sites worth visiting. Some good options are listed below:

Museum of Cycladic Art - This is one of the largest collections of Cypriot and Greek art in the world. It features works dating back as early as 3000 B.C.!

Acropolis Museum - This is where the ancient monuments of Athens can be seen in all their glory. It features an excellent collection of sculpture, painting, and architecture from the 5th century B.C. up until the 20th century A.D.

How do I get to Meteora by train?

Trains to Meteora depart from the Athens Railway Station, the city's major train station, also known as the Athens Larissa Station. Take the train from Athens to Kalampaka: Kalampaka is the nearest railway station to the Meteora monasteries and the final stop on the train journey. The trip takes about 3 hours.

There are two types of trains that run between Athens and Kalampaka: local commuter trains and intercity express trains. Local commuter trains only run between Athens and other cities within Greece while intercity express trains also run between Athens and Thessaloniki, another Greek city north of Macedonia. Both types of train cost about the same and take approximately 3 hours to reach their destination. However, intercity express trains offer better views because they have no shared compartments where people can sit even if there are empty seats.

Tickets for both types of train can be bought at the ticketing counter in the Athens Railway Station or online before you travel. There are also self-service machines available at the station that will print your tickets.

The main advantage of taking the train instead of a bus is time savings. The train leaves when it's ready not when there are enough passengers so there is no need to wait for others before you can leave. The train also stops at all stations along its route which allows you to see all the attractions along the way.

How do I get to Meteora from Thessaloniki?

To go to Meteora by train from Thessaloniki, proceed to the New Railway Station-Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos, which lies near Thessaloniki's city center. Kalambaka is a city located just under Meteora, and hence it is the railway stop from which you must disembark. A trolleybus leaves from near where the train stops, but only runs as far as Peristeri, about 15 minutes' walk from Kalambaka town center.

By car or taxi, take the Egnatia Highway north out of Thessaloniki and follow it until you reach the Greek-Turkish border at Olympos. Here there are no cars allowed into Turkey, so you will need to find transport of some kind.

Kalambaka is well connected to other parts of Greece by bus. There is one direct bus daily from Athens with ANEK ( and one daily from Florina with FS ( Otherwise, you can usually find connections to nearby towns such as Volos, Larissa, or Ioannina. Buses leave from Kalambaka's main square, which is in front of the old town hall. Tickets can be bought on the bus or at travel agencies in Thessaloniki and Volos.

The journey time from Thessaloniki to Kalambaka is around 5 hours depending on how fast you drive.

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