How are the dates of school holidays determined in China?

How are the dates of school holidays determined in China?

In China, the dates of school vacations are set by the Education Commissions of the individual cities. Please choose your city from the list below to discover the 2020 school vacations.

Also known as "the three breaks", students in China enjoy five days off a week during term time. The days off can be used for individual study or leisure activities. In fact, many Chinese use their free time wisely by taking advantage of the opportunities that come with being on holiday. These include visiting family, going on trips, and so on.

There are two types of school vacation: fixed-date and indefinite. A fixed-date vacation is when schools close down for an entire month at a specific date. This date is usually around March or May but it can change from year to year. An indefinite vacation means that schools do not have to close down but they can decide when to reopen if there is no emergency situation. This type of vacation is usually scheduled for the morning of a public holiday.

For example, Beijing's education commission announced that schools would be closed on April 20 this year. But they could also close them at any time after February 18 if there was no emergency situation. Similarly, New Year's Eve is a mandatory closing date but schools can also close early if they want to.

How long is the Chinese holiday in 2021?

This article includes a nationwide calendar of all public holidays in 2021. These dates are subject to change when official modifications are released, so please return frequently for updates. The original release, titled "China Public Holidays 2021," may be found at

1 AugSunArmy Day *

What are the special days in China?

List of Chinese Holidays in 2021

DayDateHoliday Name
MondaySep 20Mid Autumn Festival Holiday
TuesdaySep 21Mid Autumn Festival
FridayOct 01Chinese National Day
SaturdayOct 02Chinese National Day Holiday

Are there any public holidays in China in 2019?

2019/2020/2021 China Vacations Every year, China has seven public holidays that are celebrated by all citizens: New Year, Spring Festiva (Chinese New Year), Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day. Please keep in mind that certain 2019 dates are yet to be confirmed (TBA).

These holidays always fall on a Sunday or Monday. In fact, the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, so it doesn't always coincide with the Gregorian calendar date of January 21st. The traditional date is determined by the revolution of the moon across the sky which can be several days before or after January 21st.

All government offices, schools, and hospitals will be closed on these days.

For most tourists, these public holidays don't present much of a problem as long as you take them into account when planning your trip. However, if you're planning to visit some remote areas, then this could be something to consider.

There are also seven official festivals held in Beijing every year. These include Chinese New Year, World War II Memorial Day, Women's Day, Children's Day, Youth Day, and Paralympic Games Day.

The exact dates of these festivals change from year to year because the Chinese New Year is calculated based on the revolution of the moon, not the solar calendar. So each time the moon moves, the holiday changes accordingly.

When do school holidays start in the United States?

School holidays in 2019 School districts in the United States determine the dates of school holidays (vacations, recess). Summer vacations often begin in late May or early June and last in late August or early September. Practice also includes a one-week break for Thanksgiving (late November). The Christmas vacation is usually scheduled for the week between December 13 and 19, but sometimes it extends to the following week.

All US states except Delaware have their own laws regarding school holidays. Some states require that all schools be closed on certain days, such as Memorial Day or Labor Day, while others may allow some schools to remain open during the summer vacation.

The number of school days varies from state to state in the United States. On average, schools are out for 8.5 months out of the year. However, this can vary significantly from district to district. For example, some districts may only have six months of classes while others may have nearly nine months of classes. These differences can be due to many factors including enrollment numbers, budget constraints, and local politics.

By law, students in all public schools across the country must be given three consecutive days off per month, which typically falls on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is called "AmeriCorps Week." Additionally, some states require that all schools close on Washington's Birthday or Lincoln's Birthday.

What holiday is in December in China?

Chinese Holidays and Observances in 2021

Nov 8MondayJournalists’ Day
Dec 21TuesdayDecember Solstice
Dec 25SaturdayChristmas Day

Are there religious holidays in China?

Chinese vacations In addition to statutory holiday dates, China has a plethora of cultural and religious holidays. They are as follows: New Year's Day (January 1), Spring Festival (New Year according to the Lunar Calendar, celebrated for 7 days). Chinese Valentine's Day (14th day of the 14th month), Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th moon), Tomb-Sweeping Day (last day of the 1st month), Children's Day (1st day of the 4th month), Youth League Day (October 6), Red Detachment of Women's Day (November 15), Christmas (December 25).

All public offices, schools, and hospitals are closed on these days. Traffic police are usually on duty during these times to ensure the safety of travelers.

Major holidays in China when most businesses will be closed include New Year's Day, Spring Festival, and National Day. These holidays can sometimes be combined into one long weekend, but sometimes they are divided into several shorter weekends depending on what day falls on a weekend.

Some private companies will also close for a day or two at a time. These holidays are often determined by the owner/manager of the company, not by law. If a company president goes to hospital for an operation, for example, other members of the board may decide to close the office for a few days so that the president can recover at home.

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