Does the Tropic of Cancer run through Asia?

Does the Tropic of Cancer run through Asia?

The Cancer Tropic runs across 16 nations, seven of which are in Africa and seven of which are in Asia. It also travels through the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea, Gulf of California, and Atlantic Ocean. The cancer tropic can be found in all but two countries on Earth: Monaco and North Korea.

It is named after Cancer, the Roman god of healing. The tropic moves between the northern and southern hemispheres, traveling around the world in about 18 months. It grows most rapidly in Saudi Arabia, followed by Iran. In Asia, it is found in India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

It grows slower where it is cold. Winter temperatures inhibit the growth of plants and trees, so there are less cancer-causing agents in the air. During winter, tropical forests go into hibernation - not completely dead, but mostly inactive. Spring comes and the forests wake up, putting out new shoots and leaves. Summer brings more heat and humidity, and the trees grow large branches - called lumens - for sunlight and to reach enough water. Fall brings color to the trees as they prepare for winter again. There is less radiation during these cold seasons, so people live longer than they should be able to. Radiation becomes more dangerous when it's hot outside.

Does the Tropic of Cancer pass through any South American countries?

Cancer's tropic does not run through any South American countries. On the cancer tropic, there are 16 nations, three continents, and six bodies of water. Cancer's tropics are in the northern hemisphere. They are located in Asia (India) and Africa (Sudan).

The cancer belt runs across 11 countries from Japan to Russia and includes parts of North America, Europe, and Australia. The cancer-free zone lies between the two tropics; it is located in South America.

In conclusion, Cancer's tropic does not run through any South American country.

Does the Tropic of Cancer pass through Bangladesh?

The Cancer Tropic runs across Myanmar, Oman, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan in Asia. The tropic begins in the Bay of Bengal near Rangoon and ends at its junction with the Capricorn Tropic in the Arabian Peninsula.

Bangladesh is not directly on the Cancer or Capricorn tropics, but it does lie between them, making it a trans-tropical country. The Cancer Tropic passes through it from south to north while the Capricorn Tropic crosses it from west to east.

During the summer months, the sun remains above the horizon for about 14 hours per day, which causes temperatures to rise rapidly. During these hot periods, malaria is a serious health risk for travelers coming from more temperate climates. The rainy season in Bangladesh starts in late June or early July and lasts until late October or early November. The annual average rainfall is around 40 inches but can reach as much as 100 inches in the central plains.

There are no specific vaccinations required for travel to Bangladesh. However, physicians should be notified if you have any existing medical conditions because some medications cannot be taken in Bangladesh's humid climate.

Where does the Tropic of Cancer pass through North America?

The Cancer Tropic runs across Hawaii, Central America, northern Africa, the Sahara Desert, and near to Kolkata, India. South America's portion includes parts of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.

North America's portion of the cancer tropic passes through Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, and the United States.

Some specific areas in North America that fall within this region are: Alaska, Canada, and the United States.

There are two main branches of the cancer tropic passing through North America. The first branch runs from the southern part of Alaska down through British Columbia and into the U.S. state of California. The second branch goes from Alberta, Canada down through the Great Plains (including parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas) and into Mexico. These two branches meet up in Tijuana, Mexico.

During a normal year, the cancer tropic passes through the lower 48 states from south to north. But when it's coming from the south it may have trouble with the cold temperatures of Alaska and Canada, so it usually passes through the mainland United States instead.

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