Does the Metro-North go to NJ?

Does the Metro-North go to NJ?

Metro-North operates trains west of the Hudson River from Hoboken Terminal, New Jersey, under a contract with NJ Transit. The Port Jervis Line and the Pascack Valley Line are the two branches. Other NJ Transit routes in the Hoboken division have employed Metro-North equipment. These include the Atlantic City Line, the Beesley Station Local, the Montclair-Boonton Line, the North Jersey Coast Line, the Raritan Valley Line, and the Rockland Branch.

The Mount Vernon Division runs east of the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie through New York City's Upper East Side before continuing on to Brewster and Ossining, New York. This division is operated by Amtrak. The West Hempstead Branch extends from Penn Station to Farband Hall in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Hudson Division runs between Poughkeepsie and Croton-Harmon along the riverbank of the abandoned Erie Railroad right-of-way. The Newport Branch serves South Fallsburg and Johnson City, New York.

The West Shore Line runs between Mineola and Bayport along the north shore of Long Island. This line is not operated by any form of public transportation but rather by private companies that lease space on the trains for advertising. A typical ride on this line costs $12 to $20 per person.

Does Metro North go to Port Jervis?

Metro-Hudson, North's Harlem, and New Haven lines, as well as the Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines, serve consumers throughout New York and Connecticut. The Metro-North Railroad has two main lines: the Main Line runs from Waterbury, Connecticut, to Mount Vernon, New York; while the Westchester Division line connects New York City with White Plains, New York. The railroad also operates four branches: the Danbury Branch serves Danbury, Norwalk, and Stamford, Connecticut; the Harlem Line runs between Manhattan and Brewster, New York; the Hunts Point Terminal Area Line serves Bronxville, New York, and Harrison, New York; and the Port Jervis Line runs between Hoboken, New Jersey, and Port Jervise, New York.

The Metro-North Railroad was created by a merger on January 1, 2009, of the MTA's New York Central Railroad portion and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Boston-Worcester Line. The combined rail system operates over 3,000 miles of track across five states (Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island) with an annual ridership of more than 70 million passengers.

Does NJ Transit go to Penn Station?

On five rail lines, NJ TRANSIT provides direct rail service to New York's Penn Station, as well as straightforward transfers in Newark when heading from the west, and links trains on the northern rail lines at Secaucus Junction. Furthermore, light rail links in Hoboken, Newark, and Trenton expand the options for commencing any trip.

The first phase of a planned expansion project will add two more tracks between Secaucus Junction and Newark Penn Station, allowing for increased capacity along this section of track. The second phase calls for additional tracks between Newark Penn Station and Howard Sussman Bus Terminal in Brooklyn, allowing for even more capacity throughout this portion of the network.

In addition to its own stations, NJ TRANSIT offers direct service to several major destinations from its headquarters in Newark including: New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., and Toronto.

NJ TRANSIT buses are an affordable option for traveling within New Jersey and into Manhattan; however, availability at some stations can be limited during peak periods. Schedules generally follow those of trains with few deviations except where noted. For real-time information on bus arrivals and departures, check or call 511.

Bicycles are allowed on all rails-to-trails within New Jersey under special permits issued by the state Department of Transportation.

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