Does Santiago return to Fatima?

Does Santiago return to Fatima?

According to the alchemist, Fatima understands Santiago's urge to fulfill his personal mythology. Santiago is persuaded by the alchemist's claims. Santiago informs Fatima that he is going, but that he still loves her and will return when they return to Al-Fayoum for one night. Fatima responds by saying that if he truly loved her, he would never leave.

Santiago leaves on a long journey that will end up at war. During this time, Fatima gives birth to their child who she names Jesus. When Santiago returns home after many years, he finds that Fatima has died. He builds a monastery in her memory where he can pray for peace.

End of story!

I don't think Santiago returns to Fatima because she needs him more than ever before. I believe he goes to fight against King Roderick because it is what he does. Even though Fatima dies, she lives on through Jesus. And even though Santiago is gone, he doesn't forget about them. He builds a monastery in her memory so that everyone will know how much he regrets leaving her.

Did Santiago marry Fatima?

The alchemist reveals that Santiago would have enough money to buy a large number of sheep and camels, as well as marry Fatima. Before he leaves, however, he tells her that if she ever needs his help, she should come to Leiria where he will find a great deal of work waiting for him.

Santiago travels north until he reaches a city called Guardiagrele, which is near the Norwegian border. Here he buys a house and starts working on some projects for Count Fernán González. One day, while working on a bridge over the Lima river, he sees a young woman named Pelagia crossing it. The bridge begins to collapse behind her, so he runs after her but does not reach her in time. However, he does manage to save himself by jumping into a ditch with only his cloak covering his body. When the rain stops, he gets up and looks for the girl but cannot find any sign of life. So he goes back home thinking that she must be another victim of the same storm that killed Pelagia. A few days later, however, he hears someone calling his name from a distance and when he turns around he sees her standing there wearing a crown of flowers. It is Pelagia!

What does Santiago tell Fatima before he leaves?

Santiago informs Fatima about his own mythology, which takes him to the pyramids, but he insists on remaining in Al-Fayoum with her. Fatima informs Santiago one day that she has been waiting for him her entire life, but she demands that he return to Egypt after the war to pursue his own mythology. However, they agree to meet again in 10 years in Madrid, where Santiago will be king and Fatima will be a famous poet. After saying goodbye to Fatima, Santiago sets out on his journey back to Egypt.

This is where the story ends and readers are left to decide what happens next to these two great characters.

Although the novel is set in Spain, many events take place in Egypt so this book is perfect for students who want to learn more about ancient Egypt.

Also worth mentioning is that the character of Fatima was created by María Zambrano who also wrote the novels The Translator and The Museum of Life. She has written many other books including children's stories so there is much more to discover about Fatima and Santiago.

What did Fatima tell Santiago?

She claims they will meet again if they are destined to be together.

Santiago promises to return to Portugal with or without an army and sets out for Egypt. When he arrives in Cairo, he discovers that the Ottoman Turks have taken over Egypt and that Selim's army was defeated by a much smaller group of Christians at the Battle of Nicopolis. Disheartened by this news, Santiago decides not to continue fighting and returns home.

Meanwhile, in Portugal, King João III learns about Fatima's prophecy and orders an investigation into whether or not Santiago is still alive. The report confirms that he is indeed dead. Deep in grief, Queen Elizabeth collapses and passes away. King João then declares a period of mourning for three years.

In Egypt, Selim vows to continue the fight against the Christians until one of them dies. Then he too will stop fighting and go home. But none of his soldiers will stay behind because they were all recruited from around the world to join his army.

One night while everyone is asleep, a voice rings out from inside a church near where Selim is staying. It's a young boy who speaks perfect Portuguese.

What does Santiago learn about the universal language from Fatima?

The connection between Santiago and Fatima in The Alchemist advances the concept that love itself is the one global language that transcends culture, location, and time. When we show someone else's love, we are giving them a piece of ourselves - an ingredient that can never be lost or destroyed. So even if you don't speak the same language, if you have loved someone, then their language will find its way into your heart.

Santiago travels to many different countries looking for true love, but he always ends up learning about the culture and people of each country through his encounters with others on his journey. In France, for example, he meets a man who has been traveling for three years just to meet Marie de Guise, the queen of Scotland. In Spain, he meets an old man who tells him stories about the Moors and Muslims as they eat together. In India, he meets a wealthy merchant who teaches him about the value of money. In Brazil, he meets another rich merchant who shows him how to make wine. Through these various interactions, Santiago learns about other cultures and becomes more understanding of others.

At the end of The Alchemist, Love really does conquer all when Santiago finds Eva-Novia at last. They get married and live happily ever after.

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