Does Legoland have a hotel?

Does Legoland have a hotel?

Hotel at LEGOLAND (r) Give your family the ultimate LEGO experience by spending the day at LEGOLAND California and the night at the LEGOLAND Hotel! Listed as the sixth best hotel for families in the United States on TripAdvisor! There are several LEGO themed rooms to choose from, including Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, LEGO NINJAGO, and LEGO Friends. Breakfast is completely free!

The Pirate-themed room features two large beds that convert into a single king-sized bed, a full bathroom with a pirate-inspired mosaic tile floor, a mini-fridge, a radio, and LED lighting. The Kingdom-themed room has two double beds that turn into a king-sized bed, a sitting area with a couch and a coffee table, a full bathroom with a marble tile floor, a small fridge, and LED lighting. The Adventure-themed room has two twin beds that turn into a king-sized bed, a sitting area with a couch and a coffee table, a full bathroom with a marble tile floor, a small fridge, and LED lighting.

Is there a Lego hotel in Legoland?

This LEGO (r) themed hotel has 250 rooms styled after famous LEGO lines such as Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, and LEGO Friends. Add nightly children's entertainment, interactive LEGO features throughout, plus hotel guests' early entry to LEGOLAND Park, and you've got the LEGO experience you've always wanted! The hotel opened in 2016 and is owned by Merlin Entertainment.

There are also two on-site restaurants: The Brickyard Brew Pub & Eatery and The Waffle House. Both offer specialty drinks and food that use various flavors of the brick building block. There is also a mini-golf course called "The Miniland Golf Course" inside the hotel. It is based on real life cities like New York, London, and Chicago with their own unique sets of challenges.

In addition to the standard hotel amenities like free WiFi, self-parking, and a business center, some rooms at the hotel have special features like minifigures from the LEGO line that is represented by its floor. For example, one room is based on the Pirates line and it comes with four minifigs including Jack Sparrow himself!

The hotel offers different package deals depending on how many days you want to stay there and what kind of accommodation you want.

Which is the best way to buy Legoland annual passes?

Purchase it online to save money! View our most recent ticket specials here. The most cost-effective method to visit the LEGOLAND California Resort is with an annual pass. Priority admission, special experiences at LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium, a personal host for the day, and much more are available. Find out more about the different annual pass options here.

Buy it in person at a LEGOLAND Discovery Center! Annual passes are also available for purchase at all nine LEGOLAND Discovery Centers across California, Arizona, Florida, New York, Puerto Rico, Nevada and Texas!

Order on phone or online to avoid lines! You can order your annual pass online or by phone. You can also print your own version of the pass directly from our website!

Choose between three levels of annual passes: GOLD ($99), SILVER ($74) and BRONZE ($49). Each level offers different benefits. For example, the GOLD Pass gives you access to all rides and activities at the resort at no additional charge, while the BRONZE Pass does not include any discounts or privileges.

The choice is yours - find out what type of pass is right for you!

What to do at Legoland in Carlsbad, CA?

Discover the wonders of the water at our SEA LIFE Aquarium, located just adjacent to LEGOLAND. Give your family the ultimate LEGO experience: a day at LEGOLAND California followed by an unforgettable night at the LEGOLAND Hotel or LEGOLAND Castle Hotel! Cool off at LEGOLAND Water Park, which has the LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park among other attractions. For those who like to build things, there are building workshops throughout the year for kids and adults. The park also offers free parking.

There are more than 80 rides and activities for guests of all ages to enjoy at LEGOLAND California. The park's roller coasters are favorite spots with children and parents alike, but there are also many other fun rides for younger fans including a carrousel, kiddie train, and mini-golf course. Kids will love the chance to race down the Lego Racers track or take part in other competitions held throughout the year. Those looking for something less active can try their hand at various games and activities such as virtual skateboarding, surfing, and skiing.

For older kids and teens, there are also several areas with intense challenges for gamers. Guests can test their skills on the recently opened Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith or play minigames in the Game Zone. Those looking for a quieter time can visit the LEGO Imagination Center, which features exhibits about the science behind creativity and technology.

Why do people go to Legoland?

There are several reasons to visit the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, whether you want to stay at the resort, experience thrilling rides and attractions, participate in seasonal celebrations, or spend your second day free in the park—something there's for every LEGO (r) lover!

The main theme of the park is Lego. There are areas where visitors can build their own model train sets, others where they can design their own buildings with different models of houses, hotels, and even dinosaurs. A special area is also dedicated to children's movies where fans can meet their favorite characters and explore different scenes from the films.

In addition to the rides and exhibits that are specific to Legoland, there are also many other options for adults and kids to have fun together. For example, guests can take part in seasonal events such as Halloween Horror Nights, Christmas Town, and Miniland USA. These events feature live entertainment, decorations, and special offers throughout the year.

If you're looking to relax after a long day at the park, there are plenty of places to eat nearby. The choice of food ranges from classic burgers and fries at home-style restaurants to more sophisticated dishes at themed eateries decorated like castles or space ships.

For those who prefer something hot to drink instead of food, there are coffee shops, ice cream stores, and candy bars everywhere you look in Legoland.

Can you do LEGOLAND in a day?

We recommend a full day visit to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort since it is a huge theme park with a terrific array of rides and attractions ideal for all ages. If you only have time for one thing at LEGOLAND, make it the Miniland USA model kit where you can build your own miniature city from a selection of over 7,000 pieces.

There are also shows every hour on the hour with performers dressed up as their favorite characters from LEGO movies and television series. The shows are fun for children but not scary like some other theme parks.

If you have never been to a theme park before, then this is the perfect place to start! There are several different rides available for adults as well as kids, plus shows daily at various times. You won't be bored even if you have no interest in building models or playing with toys.

The price is reasonable too - around $100 per person. This includes entry into the park, all rides, shows, and merchandise purchases. There are also special offers sometimes so check the website for details.

Children under 3 feet tall may not ride certain rides so please check ahead of time.

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