Does airport security have guns?

Does airport security have guns?

"Darby LaJoye," the top person fulfilling the tasks of TSA Administrator, stated that firearms are completely forbidden onboard flights in the passenger cabin. However, there are armed agents at the security checkpoints.

According to an article on, passengers can report sightings of guns at airports by calling 1-800-GO AIRPORT (4677). The call center staff will pass on the information to police if necessary.

The author of the article claims to have seen several guns at various airports but none during her flight aboard a Boeing 767 aircraft.

However, it is not known who is responsible for checking all gun containers or how they would do this without opening them. There have been previous incidents where guns have been smuggled onto planes with only minor injuries to people handling them because they were not closed properly.

There have also been reports of guns being found in checked baggage but this occurs very rarely. When it does happen, the bag containing the firearm must be sent for special screening.

All in all, even though it may not seem like it, flying is very safe. Fatal accidents are rare and most involve some type of mechanical failure.

Can you take a gun on a plane?

Firearms, of course, must be disclosed and checked like baggage in a secured container. Some items are entirely prohibited on all passenger aircraft. They are not allowed in checked or carry-on luggage, nor on any passenger. Anything that can blow up or catch fire in flight qualifies. These include bombs, grenades, and firearms with ammunition capable of being fired by the engine's power (such as rocket launchers). Even if your firearm is unloaded, it will still require inspection by an airline security officer.

However, most firearms are permitted on board provided they are disassembled or locked away. Only the trigger, bolt, or pin that locks the chamber open can be exposed. All other parts must be hidden from view. If you are asked to check your weapon at the gate, do so but keep in mind that when you reach the security checkpoint again you will need to reassemble your firearm for transportation inside the cabin.

The type of firearm you possess affects whether it needs to be declared and inspected. For example, if you only have a pistol then it is less likely to cause concern for the airport security officers and therefore may be able to be carried on board without being checked in. On the other hand, if you have an assault rifle or other large weapon, such as a shotgun, then you will need to declare it and have it checked in.

Can US marshals carry guns on planes?

A: Of course. Passengers are generally not permitted to carry guns other than in checked luggage, as indicated above. Law enforcement officers (abbreviated "LEO's") are exempt. However, since air travel is considered a public accommodation under federal law, US marshals can bring firearms onto airplanes if they follow certain procedures.

In fact, armed US marshals have been employed by airlines as security guards since the early 1980s to provide protection for company employees and passengers. Although these individuals were not given police powers, they were allowed to make arrests if necessary. They were also allowed to use reasonable force to prevent an assault or robbery.

Currently, there are about 120 US marshals working for airlines as security personnel. They are usually hired after investigations show they can be trusted with weapons. Only active duty US marshals are allowed to carry them. Probationary marshals who have not completed their one-year term may not carry firearms.

Armed marshals usually begin their employment with an airline at either of two airports that contract with the Justice Department: Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport or Dallas/Fort Worth's John F. Kennedy International Airport. The contracts typically last for three years. After that time, airlines are free to renew the contract or not.

Can cops carry guns on a plane?

Yes. Section 1544.219 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations ("CFR") addresses these exclusions. It states, in part: "A firearm is not considered to be in your possession if it is contained in your checked baggage."

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are a law enforcement officer and are traveling with your service weapon, it can be shipped with your other baggage. The only other option is for you to check the gun at the counter before boarding. You must present a valid firearms license and have the gun unloaded and secured in a locked container or strapped to your body.

If you qualify as an LEO and are traveling with your off-duty weapon, then you should declare it at the counter before boarding. You would need to present a valid license and proof of insurance (if required by state law). They may ask to see it, so be sure it is readily accessible. Again, make sure that it is actually your off-duty weapon and not someone else's! The airline could be held liable if it is not returned to its rightful owner.

Finally, if you are not an LEO and do not qualify for an exemption, then you cannot take your gun on a plane.

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