Do you need an Opal card to catch a train?

Do you need an Opal card to catch a train?

If you do not have an Opal card or do not use contactless payments, you must purchase an Opal single trip ticket. Opal single tickets, designed as a backup alternative, are available for the metro, train, bus, ferry, and light rail. Other concessions are not available as a single ticket.

You can also purchase an Opal card. These are sold at some convenience stores and post offices, but not all of them. To be able to use your card on trains, buses, and ferries, it needs to be registered by providing a photo ID and setting up a password. Cards are also registered in person at any Seven-Eleven store that has been approved to sell Opal cards. If you lose your card, you can register it again at one of these stores.

How much is an Opal card?

An Opal card costs ¥180 (about $20) and can be used on all public transport services in Shanghai except for the airport shuttle. It can also be used on many city tours and activities such as the Shanghai Magic Sightseeing Tour and Shanghai Duck Tours. The annual fee is ¥180.

Where can I buy an Opal card?

Opal cards can be purchased at some convenience stores and post offices in Shanghai. Convenient stores selling Opal cards include 7-Eleven, Circle K, and BOC.

How can I get a free Opal card?

If you already have your concession entitlement card, contact 131 500 to obtain your free travel Opal card. A free travel Opal card allows you to enter gates at metro, rail, and ferry terminals without the assistance of workers. You also need a card to access some city-run facilities such as playgrounds and museums.

Concession cards are issued by transport authorities to eligible participants of social security schemes. The purpose of the card is to allow these participants to pay for metered parking or public transport services without having to provide identification papers at the time of payment. The card does not replace the need for identification when entering a police station or court room.

In Australia, people who receive certain types of welfare benefits are given free Opal cards. These include youth allowance, widow(er)s pension, disability support pension, carer's benefit, and veterans' allowance.

Opal cards can only be obtained through an Australian Social Security Agency (ASSA). If you want to know whether you're eligible for a card, contact ASSA directly by phone or online. Applications can also be made in person at an ASSA office. It may take several weeks to be notified of your eligibility status.

Can I use my school Opal card on trains?

The School Opal card entitles qualifying school kids to free or discounted public transportation between home and school on trains, buses, ferries, and light rail in the Opal network. They can also be used on paratransit services.

As long as you have a valid Opal card and your school ID, you are allowed to use the card on all modes of transportation operated by Metro Vancouver's transit authorities: BC Transit, the North Vancouver Water Bus, the District of North Vancouver, and TransLink. The only exclusion is the SeaBus, which operates from the University of British Columbia campus to the downtown waterfront area. Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who has the same address as they do. If you try to use your card on something that isn't covered by your plan, such as a taxi or bike, your coverage will not apply. For example, if you ride your bike to school but then want to use your card to get home, you would need to pay the regular fare for a bus or train.

Children under 12 years old can travel for free when accompanied by an adult who pays any type of transport ticket. If there is no one available to watch them, they will have to pay a reduced fee.

Is there a daily limit on the Opal card?

You may travel as much as you like on metro, train, bus, ferry, and light rail services within the Opal network with an Adult Opal card, and you never spend more than $16.10 per day, $50 per week, or $8.05 on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. If you go over these limits, a charge will be added to your card.

The following areas are no-go zones for Opal users: City Loop (downtown), Convention Center, Grand Park, Johnson County Community College, Kansas City International Airport, Memorial Hills, Northland Shopping Center, Westwood/Country Club, and The Whittemore House (a living history museum).

If you try to enter one of these areas with an Opal card, it will read "$0.00", meaning that there is no cost associated with this transaction. However, if you have enough credit on your card, the system will allow you to proceed. Otherwise, you'll need to pay cash or use another form of payment.

Opal cards can be renewed online or at any Metrolink station. You can also renew your card by calling 877-957-2457 or visiting

Renewing your card is free, but it does require some time before your new card arrives in the mail.

What is the Opal card's daily limit?

Caps on a daily, weekly, and weekend basis You may travel as much as you like on metro, train, bus, ferry, and light rail services within the Opal network with an Adult Opal card, and you never spend more than $16.10 per day, $50 per week, or $8.05 on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Monday through Sunday is Opal week. If you want to travel on a holiday that isn't listed, you can still use your card, but only the stations that are open will be able to accept it.

Opal cards are not interchangeable between different transport providers, so if you have a Kia-Korey card, for example, you cannot use it on buses. However, if you have another Opal card type - such as a Visitor Pass or Day Ticket - these cards do interchange between operators.

Daily caps apply to each individual station on the network. For example, if you visit 10 stations across two zones, you would be able to travel up to 30 miles per day. The weekly cap applies to the entire network, while the weekend cap doesn't apply to any particular service type. So if you travel across all types of service during the weekend, you would exceed the $8.05 cap.

The daily limit includes time spent at a station entering a zone, exiting a zone, and transferring between zones at a single station.

Does my child need an opal card?

Children under the age of three travel for free. Child/Youth Opal cards and Opal single trip tickets are available for children ages 4 to 15. Contactless rates are the same price as an adult Opal ticket. There is no discount for any youngster or adolescent who travels with a contactless card.

Children between the ages of 3 and 11 can use an Opal Flexi Card. The Opal Flexi Card is like a normal Opal Card but it can only be used by children aged 3 to 11. It can be purchased in increments of $20 at any DART station. These cards cannot be recharged or topped up using an Opal machine.

The last option for young travelers is the Opal Junior Ticket. This ticket is specifically designed for children under 12 years old. It is valid for one journey on any DART train, bus or trolley route. It can be obtained from any DART agent during business hours and should be taken along with the child when they ride the bus or trolley.

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