Do you have to have a South African passport to apply for a Zimbabwe passport?

Do you have to have a South African passport to apply for a Zimbabwe passport?

When applying for a passport, one must have a South African Identity Document, according to Home Affairs. The agency just announced the new Zimbabwean Dispensation Special Permit (ZSP). Here's what you need to know about the permit.

What is the cost of the permit? The permit costs $100, but this can be paid in cash at any South African bank. There is no fee for applying for the permit, but it does expire after two years.

Who can apply for the permit? Any citizen of Zimbabwe who has been permanently resident in South Africa for a continuous period of two years can apply for the permit. Proof of residence in South Africa will be required, such as a lease agreement or letter from the Department of Home Affairs, which states that you are permitted to stay in South Africa.

What documents are needed to apply for the permit? In addition to the $100 application fee, the following documents are required:

- Valid ID document - This can be your national identity card or passport

- Two recent photographs - One photograph should be front and side view, with nothing written on it

- Confirmation of address form - This form can be obtained from home affairs or any police station.

How does a Zimbabwean apply for a work permit in South Africa?


  1. Valid passport.
  2. Valid ZSP visa.
  3. Confirmation of employment, if applicable.
  4. Confirmation of study at learning institution, if applicable.
  5. Confirmation of business entity, if applicable.
  6. Fingerprints.

How old do you have to be to get a South African passport?

South African nationals aged 16 and above are entitled to apply for new identification documents. To get the necessary forms, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the consulate closest you. Identity documents are required for first-time passport applicants, particularly children who left South Africa as minors. The passport application form can be downloaded from the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

People who were born in South Africa but lived there for several years will need to provide evidence of their citizenship status. The only way to prove that is by getting a South African passport. The minimum age requirement depends on how long you have been living outside of South Africa; if you were under 18 when you left South Africa, you must still be able to show that you can support yourself financially and/or be included on your family's health insurance plan to be granted a passport. If you are over 18 but less than 21 years old, you also need to show that you can support yourself and/or be included on your family's health insurance plan to be granted a passport. There is no maximum age limit to apply for a passport.

The process of applying for a passport varies depending on which office is responsible for processing your application. The most efficient way to do this is through an online application. You can apply for a passport online even if you have already applied for or received a document such as a driver's license, voter registration card, or birth certificate.

How can I get a Malawi passport?

Eligibility. A passport or travel document can only be awarded to an applicant who has persuaded an immigration official at the counter that he or she is a genuine Malawian citizen and has provided the appropriate evidence of identification. The following categories of people are not eligible to apply for a passport: current visa holders, except those holding diplomatic visas; illegal immigrants; and anyone who has been declared incompetent by a court of law.

How do I apply for a Malawi passport?

You can apply for your passport at one of three locations in Malawi where passports are issued: the main passport office in Lilongwe; the branch office in Blantyre; or at any police station across the country. You cannot apply for your passport online.

When does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issue passports?

Passports are issued twice a year, on a Monday and Friday. Applicants should ensure that they arrive at the passport office before this time so that their documents will be ready in time. If an appointment is not possible, then it is advisable to come on a weekday when the office is open.

Do you need a passport to travel to New Zealand from Zimbabwe?

A valid passport is required for Zimbabweans who intend to apply online. Furthermore, you must ensure that your passport is valid for at least another three months after your departure date from New Zealand. Digital photo: the photo should be as current as feasible and adhere to all other passport photo requirements.

In addition to this general requirement, there are some countries or regions in which they may not accept passports. These include Adrienne Arsht Center for Transitional Learning in Miami, Florida (U.S. state); Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. territory); and Tuvalu (independent country).

Also note that some countries require their citizens to have a passport. If you do not hold a valid passport, please contact the nearest consulate of such country that prohibits its citizens from entering without one.

How can I get a residence in Zimbabwe?


  1. Fully completed residence permit application form (IF5)
  2. Application letter requesting for permit, addressed to the Chief Director of Immigration.
  3. Two passport size photos.
  4. Proof of previous residence.
  5. Close relative Guarantee form to be completed by a resident of Zimbabwe.
  6. Proof of accommodation by guarantor.

What is the purpose of a South African passport?

A South African passport is a travel document granted to South African nationals for foreign travel.

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Can you get a Zimbabwean ID in South Africa?

Cape Town, South Africa- Zimbabweans in South Africa may now apply for birth certificates and ID cards in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, according to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). The new service is available at no charge.

In August 2008, the government of Zimbabwe and the MDC signed an agreement that will see passports issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe be recognized as valid travel documents for purposes of immigration to South Africa.

"This is good news for Zimbabweans who want to visit or work in South Africa and also for South Africans who have family in Zimbabwe. Previously, these people would need two passports - one for South Africa and another for Zimbabwe - which is very inconvenient," said Peter Makumbe, MDC national coordinator for justice and human rights.

The new service will be available at three MVD offices in South Africa: 22 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown North; R5200, Sandton City Centre; and R7000, Rosebank.

Zimbabweans can apply for their IDs through their local MVD office. The process takes about two weeks. There is no application form but those with identification documents such as birth certificates or residence permits should bring them with them when they go for their licenses.

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