Do you have to have a photo ID to buy one-way Greyhound tickets?

Do you have to have a photo ID to buy one-way Greyhound tickets?

Though print-at-home one-way tickets make your trip more convenient, you must have a valid picture ID with you when you board the bus. Furthermore, unless you choose to print refundable one-way tickets, these tickets are normally non-refundable. However, if the bus company provides refunds within three days of booking your ticket, then these tickets are eligible for a refund.

The easiest way to purchase a print-at-home one-way ticket is from the American Express Travel website. After entering some personal information, you will be presented with various ticket options. One-way tickets are listed under the "View Tickets" section.

You can also purchase one-way tickets through the phone or at any Amex office.

Finally, you can download the Greyhound app and purchase one-way tickets directly through your smartphone.

In all cases, present a valid form of identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) When purchasing tickets online, look for the option to print them at home.

If you do not have a photo ID, you can still purchase one-way tickets but they will be mailed to your address. You will need to provide a signature upon delivery of the ticket and show it to the driver before boarding the bus.

Can you buy one-way Greyhound bus tickets?

One-way Greyhound bus tickets: If you are traveling and do not intend to return to your departure city, then one-way Greyhound bus tickets is the ideal alternative for you. In most circumstances, purchasing a one-way Greyhound ticket is the most cost-effective and convenient means of transportation when compared to flying. There are two types of one-way tickets available: refundable and non-refundable.

The easiest way to purchase a one-way bus ticket is through the Internet. Most major bus companies have websites that allow you to book one-way trips or round-trip tickets with no extra charges. However, it is important to check each company's policy before making a reservation online as some charge fees for certain travel classes or if you want to change or cancel your order.

One-way tickets can also be purchased in person at any Greyhound station across the country. These tickets are cheaper than their round-trip counterparts and can't be changed or canceled without a fee.

Finally, one-way tickets can be printed out from Greyhound's online schedule system. To use this option, first log into your account by going to Next, click on "Schedule" near the top of the page. From here, select the route and date you wish to travel on and click on the "Print Your Ticket" button. A one-way ticket will be included with your printout.

Can you book a one-way Greyhound?

For many popular routes, purchasing two one-way Greyhound tickets at separate times costs the same as purchasing a full round-trip bus ticket. Because Greyhound operates several routes departing from major cities, tourists may purchase a one-way bus ticket into the city and then simply wait to book another one-way ticket back home. One-way fares are available for most routes, except for some long distances between large cities where a round-trip ticket is more cost effective.

One-way tickets can be purchased online before your trip, in person at the bus station before you board, or even on the bus (but only if there's space). Just make sure that you check the return time of your ticket carefully - you don't want to miss your connection because you were busy counting your money!

In addition to the one-way fare option, most routes also offer a discounted double-decker bus ticket called a "Buddy Pass". This pass is available for groups of three or more travelers who would like to save some money by sharing the cost of their bus ticket. The more people that sign up for the pass, the lower the price per person will be. For example, a group of four people could pay $40 for each person's share of the cost of a single ticket. The more people that qualify for this pass, the more discounts we will receive.

The bus company will contact you if there are any changes to any of the routes that you have selected.

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