Do you have to book an Oxford Tube?

Do you have to book an Oxford Tube?

Yes, tickets may still be purchased from the driver on the day of travel. You may also purchase your ticket online or through the Oxford Tube app. We would recommend clients to pre-book whenever feasible, either online or through the app. Tickets are free for children under 11 years old.

The journey time is approximately 20 minutes and there are regular services throughout the day. The first service starts at around 05:00 and finishes at about 23:30.

You can only board the tube at specific stations; otherwise, you'll need to wait until a later service arrives. There are information posters in each carriage with details about the next stop along with safety instructions if needed.

You can listen to music via our mobile phone apps or personal speakers. There are also audio guides available in several languages.

There are designated smoking areas inside the tube but otherwise it is a completely smoke-free environment.

Children under 11 years old can ride for free when accompanied by an adult. This includes those needing assistance using the washroom too. Clients who qualify can show their ID card at any gate to gain entry into the tube station.

Tickets must be used within one year of being issued. After this date they will not be accepted for entry into the tube system.

How do you pay for Oxford Tube?

According to the driver (cash or contactless) On the day of travel, you may purchase singles, returns, Tube 12 and 1, 2, and 4 week tickets from the driver. You can also pay with cash if you choose. Please double-check that you have the proper modification. Our drivers carry cash, however they may need to offer a change voucher at times. These can be used like cash but cannot be refunded.

There are two types of tickets on the Oxford Tube: single and return. A single ticket is enough time for one person to travel once around the city. The first stop the driver makes is usually the last stop he or she will make, and vice versa. There are five different stops on the Oxford Tube. The driver will stop at each one to let passengers off or on. Return tickets are good for two people to travel around the city in the same time period. The first stop the driver makes is the same as for a single ticket, but then they will make another trip through the city center.

The price of tickets varies depending on when you buy them. The earlier you book, the cheaper they are. There are several different discounts available including student fares, senior citizen fares, family fares, and more.

For more information about how you can pay for your ticket on the Oxford Tube, please visit our help section. We're here to help!

Can you use the Freedom Pass on the Oxford Tube?

Those possessing a concessionary bus pass can ride free on the Oxford Tube up to Lewknor. The single or return ticket will apply if traveling from Oxford to London (or vice versa). Concessionary passes include those for age 65 and over, disability, veterans' affairs, education, NHS staff, and some other groups.

The tube map shows all the lines that run between Camden Town and Oxford Street stations, but not all of them are open all the time. Some sections are closed during major engineering works or events such as music festivals. You can check here before you travel which lines are closed.

This service is provided by the company that runs the buses outside normal bus hours, so there's no standard bus stop number for it. Instead, the tube station at Lewknor Road is signed as "Oxford Tube".

There are also two routes that don't go through Camden Town that we know about: X1 and X2. Route X1 runs from Oxford Circus to Headington Hill via Jericho's Way, Banbury Road, Corinne Street, Abingdon Road, and Castle Street. Route X2 runs from Amersham Bridge to Headington Hill via East Heath Road, Westcombe Park Road, and Woodstock Road.

How much is the tube from London to Oxford?

The Oxford Tube has various pick-up sites in London and Oxford. The charge is PS15 one way or PS18 round-trip on the same day. There are several travel packages available, as well as student, senior, and kid tickets.

The journey takes approximately two hours. You can get on the bus at any of these locations: Oxford Bus Station, High Street, Oxford London Bus Station, Covent Garden

Tickets can be purchased online before your trip, or even on the bus (subject to availability). A limited number of return tickets are also sold for groups of five or more travelling together.

The cost of the ticket depends on when you buy it and how far in advance you buy it. If you buy your ticket within three months of your trip starting, there's a maximum amount of time that you can change your mind and avoid paying for your ticket. If you want to change your mind after that time limit, you'll have to pay a fee for changing your reservation.

There are different types of ticket available: • Adult single: £18.50 • Adult return: £36.00 • Child (4-15 years old): £8.25 • Infant (<1 year old): Free

How do you buy bus tickets in Oxford?

On all city, Brookesbus, and park & ride buses, single and return tickets can be purchased from the driver. Please attempt to bring the right change on board to guarantee a quick service. More information is available on our ticket types page. Purchase your tickets in advance.

  1. Mobile app.
  2. The key.
  3. Top-up Online.
  4. Travel Shops.

Where does the Oxford Tube go from?

The Oxford Tube now provides two express lines each day (Monday through Friday) from Thornhill to Baker Street, before continuing to Marble Arch and Victoria. The all-stations service takes about 30 minutes.

The tube map shows three branches: red to Abbey Road; green to Camden Town; blue to Oxford Circus. However, only the branch to Baker Street operates as an actual tube station with platforms, while the other two are access points from where you can transfer to other buses or taxis.

There is no longer any tube service between Baker Street and Thorney Hill stations, but there are still connections to Kew Gardens/Waterloo and Richmond from these locations. A special connection shuttle runs between Baker Street and Waterloo every 10 minutes during peak hours only.

Baker Street is also the terminus for the Jubilee line. This service continues past Baker Street to Finsbury Park and then on to Stanmore and High Barnet. The Jubilee line is usually considered to be a separate entity to the Oxford Tube, although it shares some of its routes and often runs together with the same signs and announcements being made over the public address systems.

Can I travel to Reading from Oxford?

The driving distance between Oxford and Reading is, indeed, 26 miles. Driving from Oxford to Reading takes about 38 minutes. Omio allows you to book train tickets from Oxford to Reading online. Reading has around 422 hotels to choose from. You can also look at the top 5 places to stay in Reading.

Reading has many attractions that will keep you occupied for a whole day. If you're a fan of books, you should definitely visit the famous library building called the Bodleian Library. It's Europe's largest university library and was built in 1088 by Henry II. Be sure to check out the special exhibitions!

If you want to get away from it all, then why not book a room at one of Reading's luxury hotels? The Royal Berkshire Hotel is a great option for those looking for history and charm. It was built in 1780 and has been serving guests for more than 200 years. Those who prefer something newer can check out some of the other options including the Hilton Reading East or the Holiday Inn Express Reading City Centre.

Reading has lots of different activities to do with friends or family. You can go hiking, biking, horse riding, or take a boat trip down the River Thames. There are also many museums worth visiting including the Royal Armouries, the Museum of English Rural Life, and the Science Museum Reading.

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