Can you take two bags on Jet2?

Can you take two bags on Jet2?

Jet2 does not provide complimentary checked luggage. You may book up to three bags weighing up to 22 kg per person, however if you have more than one bag, you may combine the allotment. For example, if you pay for three bags weighing 22kg each, you are permitted to carry 66kg onboard, divided among as many bags as you choose.

If you decide to bring a roller bag then this would count as 1 bag.

You can find out more about allowed baggage and weight limits here:

They will tell you at the checkin that only certain bags are free. The rest you have to pay for. It's best to check before you travel so you don't get charged for bags you don't need.

Also note that if you require specially sized or configured equipment bring this with you from home instead of checking in your bag.

Have fun!

What is the free baggage allowance on Jet2?

The luggage allowance on Jet2 is 22kg. With Jet2, you may book up to three bags weighing up to 22 kg per passenger (excluding babies) every flight. Any luggage that exceeds your overall weight allowance will be carried at our discretion and subject to availability.

There are two different types of seats on Jet2: seat-only and seat-and-bag. If you need a bag to store your belongings while you shop or dine, you can buy one at no extra cost.

You should allow enough time to check your bags at the airport. Jet2 recommends checking in with 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time. You can do this online prior to your trip or at the airport on arrival.

Jet2 offers a convenient option for passengers who don't want to carry their own bag. We have a selection of handbags and oversized carrier bags available to purchase at a discount. These bags are easy to identify as they feature a red stripe down the side of the body.

The handbag range includes functional designs with various compartments for storing your belongings such as a zip pocket inside each bag. The carrier bags feature a padded strap and handle and are suitable for trips of up to seven days.

Passengers can choose from a variety of sizes of handbag and carrier bag depending on how much they plan to bring with them on the trip.

How much luggage can you take on Jet2?

We do not permit single-hold bags weighing more than 32 kg. For luggage that exceeds your overall weight allowance, we charge PS12 per kilogram. If your bag weighs more than 22 kg, please contact us by calling 0330 333 0020.

What if I need to check in for another flight?

Simply follow the instructions at the airport and our staff will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

How much is a 22kg bag on Jet2? has prices starting from PS7.99. You will be charged PS115 by other carriers. Seating: Make sure you sit with your family. On some other carriers, there will be a frenzied rush to get a seat! charges PS20 one way for sports equipment—other airlines charge more than PS74! Weight limit: 10kg per person.

In addition to this price, other factors may affect the final cost of your trip. These include the type of ticket you buy, where you book it from, and the day you travel (public holidays can increase flight costs).

However, most flights on are within Europe, and most passengers fly with them once or twice a year. So even if other factors aren't important to you, chances are you can find another carrier who won't charge as much.

The most expensive option on is their Club Class product. This comes in two forms: Premium Economy and Business Class. Both come with extra comfort and convenience options over the regular economy class, but also increase the cost significantly.

Premium Economy tickets start at around PS140 ($35) while Business Class tickets start at around PS260 ($70). However, these prices don't include baggage or any additional fees.

Do you have to pay for checked bags on JetBlue?

Is JetBlue's luggage fee waived? Passengers on the Blue ticket do not receive free checked luggage allowance and must pay it individually. The first bag is $35, the second is $45 and three or more bags cost $150. The free luggage allowance is included in the Blue Plus and Mint tickets. A passenger traveling with a single item can send it in the mail at no charge.

Checked bags will be placed in the cargo area of your flight if space allows, but if there are too many bags, they may be left behind when you deplane.

The baggage fee was increased on January 18th, 2015. It used to be $15 per bag, but now it's $30 ($25 for JetBlue members).

If you think that's bad, know that by March 2016, the fee will increase to $50 ($45 for JetBlue members).

In other words, plan ahead!

Also note that even if you have a discounted fare class, you still need to pay the baggage fee. There is no discount for paying up front instead of at check-in.

Finally, if you're over the weight limit, the airline staff will tell you so before letting you board the plane.

Can I check in two bags with SpiceJet?

SpiceJet provides one complimentary piece of checked-in luggage weighing up to 15 kilograms. For all domestic flights, a student rate ticket with an overall maximum size of 158 cm (L+W+H) is eligible for an extra 10 kg luggage allowance. Travelers can also opt for baggage delivery service for an additional charge.

For international flights, passengers are allowed 1 checked bag plus a small carry-on item. Please note that any items exceeding the maximum size will be refused carriage or may result in a fee being charged.

The check-in time is 90 minutes prior to flight departure. However, if the flight is delayed, you can check in later by contacting SPICE JET customer care team.

Can I carry 2 cabin bags on SpiceJet?

On all domestic flights, SpiceJet allows one piece of complimentary checked-in luggage weighing up to 15 kilograms and with an overall maximum size of 158 cm (L+W+H). Passengers in economy class are permitted to bring two pieces of luggage weighing no more than 20 kilograms each. In case you require a third bag, you will have to pay a fee.

For passengers travelling in business class, we recommend that you only take one piece of checked baggage due to additional charges. However, if you need to bring two bags then this can be done at no extra cost by splitting them between yourself and your partner or friend.

In both economy and business classes, if you decide to check in more than one bag then there is a maximum size restriction for each item. The weight limit for each bag is 8 kg. If your total weight exceeds the limit, then the heaviest item will be removed from the hold to make room for other items.

SpiceJet has three different types of seating: standard seats, special seats, and suites. Standard seats are comfortable but they don't have much space compared to other carriers. Special seats are almost like first class on other airlines. They have larger legroom and slightly better amenities. Suites are even better than special seats - they have more space and nicer amenities. You can choose to book any of these options when checking in online or at the counter.

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