Can you leave Saudi Arabia?

Can you leave Saudi Arabia?

To leave Saudi Arabia, residents with a residency permit (iqama) must have an exit/reentry permission, as well as six months' validity on their passport. You must quit Saudi Arabia with the passport that corresponds to the nationality with which you entered the country. If there is no such requirement, then you can stay in Saudi Arabia indefinitely.

Non-residents are allowed to enter and exit the kingdom without a visa or residence permit. However, any trip outside the kingdom requires a valid passport, a visa for the other country you intend to visit, and a certificate of insurance against medical expenses.

It is also important to note that all foreigners, including citizens of Saudi Arabia, need a visa to visit Israel. The only exception is for those who qualify as "Israelites" - people born into Israeli families or who become Israeli citizens.

In addition, South Africans who remain in Saudi Arabia after finishing their visas will be granted permanent resident status. They will be able to apply for Saudi citizenship after living in the country for five years.

However, this does not mean that you can travel to Israel without a visa. In fact, it is possible to get into trouble with authorities if you try to do so. There have been cases where people have been denied entry into Israel because they had visited Saudi Arabia without a visa.

Do you need a visa to exit Saudi Arabia?

You enter Saudi Arabia with a visa, but you must obtain another visa to depart and re-enter the country. Exit and re-entry laws are tight for foreigners, with heavy fines and/or punishments such as a three-year ban awaiting those who disobey the norms and regulations. This visa is not marked in your passport and is managed through an internet system. You will need to complete an electronic application form on the Saudi Ministry of the Interior's website.

What is the cost of living in Saudi Arabia?

Cost of living is high in Saudi Arabia. There are two ways to save money: live with your family or friend and share expenses or work while studying. If you're only planning to stay for a few months or years, then it's best to look for employment while searching for accommodation. The salary may not be enough to live on, so you'll also need to find some way to pay for your daily expenses.

Is it safe to travel alone in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, if you follow some basic safety rules, then you won't have any problems. Most cities and towns are well protected by the police, so don't worry about being alone in a strange place. Also, most people that we've come across were very friendly and some even helped us carry our bags or wait for a ride when we needed one. But use common sense and avoid walking alone at night in deserted areas.

How long does it take to get a Saudi passport?

After entering Saudi Arabia on a laissez-passer, the visitor must get a Saudi passport before leaving the country. Saudi nationality is seldom granted fast or easily, and the processing period for a Saudi passport in these circumstances has sometimes been six months, if not years. A person who does not want to apply for a Saudi passport in this way can instead go to a Saudi embassy or consulate and request one directly.

In addition to the formal process mentioned above, some people may be able to obtain a Saudi passport more quickly by using their influence within the government or military to secure an expedited process. Such persons would probably need to provide evidence of their relationship with an influential person to show that the passport application should not be treated as a standard one.

The typical turnaround time for receiving your passport from the time you submit your application until you pick it up at an embassy or consulate is about 10 working days.

Applications can be made online at or by mail to the General Department of Passports, PO Box 370000, Riyadh 11000, Saudi Arabia.

The cost of the service depends on how many pages are required for your application. The fee is $140 for a single-page application and $280 for a multiple-page one.

Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after the final exit?

Saudi Arabia's Jawazat (the General Directorate of Passports) recently made it clear that Saudi expats who leave the KSA on final exit visas without any remarks against them can return to the country at any time by applying for a fresh visa.

However, they should apply for a new visa and not assume that their previous visa is still valid.

The new regulation came into effect from January 1, 2008. Therefore, if you have not left the kingdom yet, now is the right time to go.

You can submit your application through any Saudi embassy or consulate abroad. They will ask some questions about any remarks against you in the Kingdom and may also send someone to the police station where you gave your statement previously. After this check, they will issue you a visa.

It is important to note that people can be denied entry to the kingdom if they violate any of the conditions of their visa. For example, if they have been sentenced to more than six months' imprisonment, they will be refused entry.

Furthermore, there are certain activities within the kingdom that require a visa, such as working for an organization that has not been granted permission to operate in the country, or visiting certain areas such as the Northern Borders with Iraq or Jordan.

Can I go to Saudi Arabia for work?

The employer will file a work visa application with the Saudi Ministry of Labor. The visa will be issued by the embassy within one to three weeks, at which point the employee will be able to go to Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the employee must apply to the Ministry of Labor for a residence permit, or Iqama. Once your employment is verified by the consulate, they will send you an Iqama that is valid for one year.

There are many different types of jobs in Saudi Arabia that would interest an American worker. Some of the most popular careers are as a teacher, nurse, police officer, and doctor. Many large companies such as Chevron, Shell, and Total provide jobs for Americans who want to work in the sector.

It is possible to get a working visa for Saudi Arabia if you have a job offer from a company that is registered with the government's labor office. You can find out if a company is registered by calling the labor office in your country. If the company is registered, then there is no problem applying for a visa. Otherwise, you should not apply because it may not be approved.

The good news is that once you get a job in Saudi Arabia, their labor office will let you stay if you cannot afford to pay the 500 riyal fee. If you have family living in Saudi Arabia, such as a wife, husband, child, sibling, or parent, then you may be eligible for a resident permit.

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