Can you go into the Mormon Tabernacle?

Can you go into the Mormon Tabernacle?

The temple is considered holy by the LDS Church and is not available for tourists. However, a visitor may view the building from the outside through security barricades.

Guests are allowed to take photographs from outside the temple area with permission from church security. Photographers are required to stay at least 10 feet away from the fence surrounding the temple area.

No food or drink is permitted inside the temple area.

Children under 18 years of age are not allowed in the temple without their parents. Those who are traveling with children should bring spares diapers and baby care products in case they are asked to leave during visitations or baptisms.

Those wishing to make an appointment with a local bishop (the equivalent of a priest) can do so by calling 877-539-5979. The appointment must be made at least two weeks in advance of need. They should also call ahead to make sure there is space available in the schedule of the visiting bishop.

Latter-day Saints believe that baptism by immersion is necessary to enter eternal life and become gods themselves. This practice is still followed by some Latter-day Saints.

Can you visit the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City?

The beautiful gardens, flowers, and landscaping are incentive enough to wander across the grounds during the spring and summer. However, visitors are asked to refrain from taking photographs inside the building.

If you're able to go inside, take a moment to appreciate the architecture and artistry of this important religious site. Highlights include the sacred temple room containing the golden angel Moroni, the celestial room with its large window looking out over Utah Valley, and the museum that explores life at the church's highest level of membership.

You can reach the temple by taking Interstate 80 east toward downtown Salt Lake City for about 20 minutes until you reach South Temple Street. Turn left onto South Temple and follow it until it becomes East South Temple. The temple will be on your right.

There is no cost for admission into the temple grounds, but donations are encouraged.

Is the Mormon Tabernacle open to the public?

The temple is considered sacrosanct by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is not available to the public. You may walk around the grounds and see a scale replica of the temple and its interior at the South Visitors' Center. In addition, guided tours of the site are offered daily at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.

However, anyone can go inside the Main Temple building any time it is open to the public. The church office will let you know if the temple will be closed due to a religious holiday.

In addition to the Main Temple building, there are several other structures on the temple grounds that are also open to the public. These include the Holy of Holies, where the sacred artifacts kept in the temple are stored; the Patriarchal Room, which contains a large collection of historical documents relating to the church and its founder, Joseph Smith; and the Sealing Room, where new members are ordained as elders or priests of the church.

The entire temple complex is located near South Salt Lake City in Utah. A car is required to get around the grounds of the temple because some of the roads are not maintained by the city and have no street lights. However, a tram runs between the visitors center and the temple grounds every 20 minutes during peak hours.

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