Can Lebanese people enter Israel?

Can Lebanese people enter Israel?

Yes, Israel does not normally bar any citizens from entering, even if the passport specifically states that it is not valid for Israel. You'd need a visa, which you'd have to apply for at an Israeli embassy. There are no special checks for Lebanese citizens when they enter Israel via the border with Lebanon.

However, Israel has recently started checking passports and denying entry to individuals who appear on a list of "dangerous criminals" released by a Lebanese court. Some of those barred from entering Israel claim that the decision was based on their political views alone; others say they were included in the list because they have similar names to people on whom sanctions have been imposed.

The travel ban has not been universally welcomed in Lebanon, where some politicians have called for Israel to be forced to accept Lebanese citizens as visitors. However, it is unlikely to affect most people since the few cases that do make it through Israel's security checkpoints are quickly resolved by courts.

Israel and Lebanon have been locked in a conflict over territory since 1976, when Israel invaded southern Lebanon to push out Palestinian militants who had taken up residence there during previous wars. Since then, several major conflicts have occurred, sometimes resulting in heavy fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed group that controls much of Lebanon's government.

Can Israel go to Iran?

Unfortunately, Israelis are not permitted to enter the nation. Furthermore, admittance is denied to holders of passports or travel papers that carry an Israeli visa or stamp, or any data indicating that the visitor has visited Israel, or any indication of any relationship with the state of Israel.

In addition, Israel has refused entry to musicians who have performed in Israel-occupied Palestinian territories. In February 2008, it barred three Filipino performers for several months for carrying "Israeli tourist visas" into the occupied territory. The move was criticized by the Philippines and caused a diplomatic incident between the two countries.

Israel has open borders with Egypt and Jordan, which means that foreign citizens can visit without a visa or permit. However, since Israel takes security measures at its border crossings with other countries, only people who have official business in Israel are allowed to enter.

In conclusion, Israel can decide what rules it wants to follow and whom it wants to admit. However, no country would accept every single person who asks to enter their country. Some countries limit the number of visitors they will allow in, and others require certain documents to be presented as proof of identity and nationality.

Can Israelis go to Libya?

Entry prohibition. Visitors will be denied admission if they have travel documents that include a valid or expired Israeli visa or any other proof of entry into Israel. Israeli citizens, even if they do not leave the plane and continue on the same journey. The only exception is if you have a letter from the Interior Ministry stating that it's safe for you to enter Libya.

There are two ways to reach Libya: by air or by sea. By air you can fly to Tripoli International Airport in Tripoli. There are daily flights from London Heathrow, Milan Malpensa, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rome Leonardo da Vinci, and Amsterdam Schiphol.

From Italy there are no visas required for Italian citizens visiting Libya for tourism or business for up to three months. However, some countries may require their nationals to obtain a visa before entering Libya. Check with local embassies about requirements when planning to visit.

It's also possible to reach Libya by boat. In fact, this is the most popular way for Israelis to enter Libya. There are regular boats that run between Egypt and Libya. These boats stop at several ports along the coast, including Zuara, Tarhuna, and Izmir.

In addition, there are less frequent boats that run between Tunisia and Libya. These boats stop at various ports across Tunisia.

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