Can I use SpeakOut in the USA?

Can I use SpeakOut in the USA?

SpeakOut long distance calls cost 30 cents per minute (plus usual airtime charges) for calls inside Canada and to the United States. However, you cannot make calls from the United States or anywhere else outside of Canada since SpeakOut in Canada does not offer roaming services. You can make calls from most countries where there is a charge for outgoing calls, but not from the United Kingdom because they use the same system as Canada so your call would be routed through Canada first.

In addition to costing more than regular phone calls, speaking with a long-distance company agent can also be frustrating because many agents don't know how to help you find an answer to your question. They will usually ask you to give your account number before they can connect you with anyone who can help.

If you have an international calling card that offers free incoming calls, you can use them for SpeakOut calls too. Just make sure you specify this when you make the call. If you forget, you will be charged for each incoming call.

You do not need a special phone number when using an international calling card because cards have different numbers for local and foreign access. You should be able to find out the number of your card by contacting its manufacturer.

Some international calling cards come with a prepaid phone number which is easier to use for making short calls.

Can you make a phone call from the USA to another country?

Calling a US phone number from outside the US is only feasible if your communications provider has authorized roaming. If you wish to go outside of the nation while still receiving phone calls on your mobile phone, contact your service provider and activate roaming.

Can you ask to speak to Americans?

No, not at all. There is no special number to dial, therefore you will chat with an American. I spoke with one representative for around 45 minutes (including wait time), and it turned out she had no idea how to cancel a purchase. She kept apologizing and said someone would be in touch with me soon.

I was told that since the company does not have a presence in China, its customers are mostly Chinese who buy their products online. The woman did say that if I wanted to cancel my order, I could write them an email stating why I wanted to cancel my account, and they would take care of it. However, I wasn't given any details on when this might happen.

The only other option is to call Customer Service in America. Their number is 1-800-331-6001 and the hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM Pacific Time. You can also send an email here:

In conclusion, doesn't provide any way for consumers to cancel orders so if you want to avoid buying anything from them, don't worry about asking first!

How to call the United States from abroad?

How to Dial a Phone Number in the United States A phone number in the United States is made up of ten numbers: a three-digit area code, a three-digit exchange code, and a four-digit subscriber number. USA International Phone Number United States Area Codes Calling the United States Call the United States from Canada. Call the United States from anywhere in the world. Use this dialing guide to make an international call.

To call the United States from abroad, you first need to know its country code. The United States' country code is 1-303. After you have determined your destination's country code, you must match the two codes together to complete the call. For example, if you were calling Japan from Canada, you would dial 01-303-22-66-88-77-77.

Americans can call overseas by using their local carrier. Most carriers offer a broad array of plans with varying rates based on time or distance traveled. Some plans may even include certain types of service like voice mail, text messages, or data storage in America.

For example, T-Mobile offers one plan that includes 200 minutes of voice service, 5 gigabytes of data storage, and $10 per month for wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) usage. If you use more than 5 GB of data or spend over $200 on airtime in a month, they will charge you for each additional gigabyte or dollar amount spent above these thresholds, respectively.

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