Can I move to Guadalupe?

Can I move to Guadalupe?

Visas and Residency Tourists from the United States, Canada, and the European Union can enter Guadeloupe with a valid passport and remain for up to 90 days. Other nationals may be required to get a tourist visa. Guadeloupe's rules for acquiring a long-stay visa are comparable to those in France. The Ministry of the Interior can give more information on visas.

Those who want to stay longer than 90 days must apply for a residence permit. Such permits are easy to obtain (the process takes about 4 weeks) but you will need evidence of having been employed in Guadeloupe for at least 1 year. This could be through a job offer or showing that you have your own source of income. If you cannot provide evidence of employment, then it will be difficult to get the permit extended.

In addition to jobs, some other ways people get around this requirement include buying a house or renting one. If you rent and pay your landlord enough in advance, he or she might be able to write a letter on your behalf saying you have employment.

People sometimes claim to be employees of large companies even though they are not paid anything. This is often done by immigrants who lack proper documentation and don't want to risk being sent back home. It should be noted that such practices are illegal and can lead to charges of fraud.

Can I emigrate to St. Lucia?

If you are a Commonwealth national, you will need a valid passport to enter St. Lucia, but a visa is not necessary. You will, however, be granted an immigration form with a validity term of stay that can be up to six months. In addition, your residence permit may be subject to a $200 fee.

Those who are not Commonwealth citizens must obtain a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. The cost is $50 for most countries, but can be higher if your visit is for a special event (such as a world championship game).

It is recommended to apply for your visa at least six weeks before your scheduled travel date to allow enough time for it to be processed. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up the process; it usually takes two to four weeks depending on the number of applicants waiting to see the same officer. It's also important to note that if you change your mind about traveling and want to cancel your trip, there are charges associated with this too. The more lead time you have before your flight, the better off you will be.

Visas are only issued at airports or border crossings. If you miss the last bus or train back to town, you'll need to find another way back. There are taxis outside major hotels that will take you for about $20 per person.

Can I move to the Solomon Islands?

Tourists do not need a visa to visit the islands for up to 90 days, but if you want to stay longer than 90 days, you will need to obtain a visa demonstrating that you intend to reside or work on the islands. Contact the Australian Consulate-General in Manila for more information.

There are no direct flights to Guadalcanal, but there are flights to Tulagi and Honiara via Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland. The trip takes about 11 hours. There are also connections through Tokyo and Vancouver.

The best way to get around the island is by renting a car. They can be hired from most airports on the island, including Honiara and Tulagi. A typical small sedan will set you back about $30 per day, while a large SUV can cost as much as $70. It's important to check how many miles you'll be able to drive each time you rent a vehicle so that you don't end up with a huge bill at the end of your stay.

The island has an active tourism industry, so hotels and restaurants are plentiful. However, because most people come here for the surfing, quality accommodation can be hard to find during high season. If you can afford it, it's recommended that you book well in advance.

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