Can I look up my US passport number?

Can I look up my US passport number?

In terms of the passport number, it is not feasible to obtain it online. A notarized request for a copy of your passport record must be mailed. With your notarized request, a search for your passport record is free. There is a $30 fee for certified mail.

If you lose your passport, immediately report it lost or stolen to the nearest embassy or consulate of the United States. They will tell you what to do next. For more information on how to report a lost passport, visit

An application for a new passport can only be done at a passport agency. The application process requires photos and other personal information that cannot be obtained online. To find out more about how to apply for a new passport, visit the website of the Department of State (

A passport is very important document. You should never sell your passport to anyone. If someone offers you money to buy your passport, then this person is trying to steal your identity. Stay away from people who try to offer you money to buy your passport.

Selling your passport would also be illegal. This could lead to problems if you need to travel using your passport. The police might ask you to provide your passport when checking documents related to an arrest or investigation.

Can you get your passport number from the State Department?

However, if you are well-connected enough, you may get the same effect even if you are not affiliated with the appropriate agencies. The state department uses your passport number to validate your identification. The information on a passport is quite private. As a result, you cannot search for information using your passport number because no such database is publicly accessible.

In addition, if you have lost or stolen someone else's passport, you can report it by calling 1-877-487-2778. The state department will tell you what documents you will need to prove your identity before it can issue a new one. They will also tell you how to register your passport at an embassy or consulate office. If you lose your passport, you should immediately notify the nearest American Embassy or Consulate and file a police report.

As long as you have it written down in some form, your passport number is absolutely essential for any kind of administrative task related to your passport. However, other than that, its value is limited. It is not available to the public through any database or otherwise made easily accessible by those who do not work for the government.

Can you get the passport number before the passport is issued?

It is not feasible to obtain the passport number prior to the document's issuance. That information will not be available to you until your new passport arrives. Passports are normally sent the same day they are granted. If it takes longer than that, we will send you another passport as soon as possible.

However, the Australian Passport Office does have access to the passport number of an existing passport by sending a request through our online system. The request needs to be made at least 30 days in advance of when you want to use the passport number. We recommend that you store this information in a safe place so that you do not need to remember it when you apply for the passport.

The Australian Passport Office states that they cannot give out the passport number over the phone or through an agent. It must be obtained in person at an Australian Embassy or Consulate-General office.

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