Can I go to Indonesia without a visa?

Can I go to Indonesia without a visa?

Because Indonesia is a visa-free nation, Indian citizens traveling for less than 30 days do not need a visa. All you need to do is obtain a visa exemption stamp from the immigration desk. This is accessible for free. If you want to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, you can apply for a visa on arrival. The fee varies depending on how long you plan to stay in Indonesia.

Can I go to Bali without a visa?

Is a visa required for Indians to visit Bali, Indonesia? No, because Indonesia is a visa-free nation for Indians, Indian citizens visiting Bali for less than 30 days do not need a visa. If your trip will last more than 30 days, you will require a visa. You can choose the sort of visa that best suits your needs. You can either get a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa.

In fact, most countries around the world are visa-free for Indians. However, there are some countries where you can only enter with a valid passport and visa if you have been granted "Visitor Permit For Entry And Stay Of Foreigners". These include: Australia, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The good news is that many countries are now being very flexible about visas for Indians. So even if you don't meet the criteria for a visa-free entry, you should still be able to get one. Just make sure to check the requirements before you travel so that you don't end up at the airport without a ticket and no money in India.

Indians can stay in Bali for 90 days without a visa. But if you plan to work or study here, then a visa is necessary. It is also important to note that if you are looking for a free holiday destination, probably Bali isn't for you.

How long can you go to Indonesia without a visa?

Until recently, most travellers from all over the globe had to obtain visas on arrival. Most nations, however, are now permitted to enter the country without a visa for a period of no more than 30 days. When entering Indonesia, ensure sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a fine.

Indonesia has one of the world's largest populations and its tourism industry is growing rapidly, so visitors should expect large crowds at important sites. Make sure you take this factor into account when planning your trip.

It is recommended that you stay no longer than 30 days in Indonesia if you are only visiting Bali because after that time you will need a visa. However, if you stay beyond 30 days, you will need to apply for an extension online or at a diplomatic office in Bali before your visa expires.

How long can you stay in Indonesia without a visa?

The Visa on Arrival in Indonesia is a sort of tourist visa. It allows the holder to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days. Everyone who qualifies for the Indonesian VOA is also permitted to enter the country without a visa for up to 30 days. However, if you want to stay in Indonesia longer than 30 days or visit some of its restricted area such as Aceh or Papua, then a valid visa is required.

In fact, the maximum time that a person can stay in Indonesia with only the VOA is 60 days. If you plan to stay in Indonesia for more than 60 days, then it's best to obtain a visa from an Indonesian embassy or consulate.

However, there are many people who claim that they can stay in Indonesia without a visa. But this cannot be confirmed because there are no official documents to prove that they have stayed in the country for more than 30 days.

Generally, the police don't issue arrest warrants for those who have entered the country using the VOA. But still, we recommend that you do not try to leave Indonesia after your initial 30-day period has expired because it could lead to difficulties when trying to return to your home country.

Indonesia has 28 embassies and high commissions around the world. Most of them are located in capital cities and large towns. But some missions are also located in small towns and rural areas.

Does Canadian need visa to Indonesia?

Visa for Tourists If you are traveling for tourism with a standard Canadian passport and want to remain in Indonesia for 30 to 60 days, you can get a visa in advance or on arrival at certain points of entry. You may be required to present a return or onward ticket. If you cannot produce this document, you will not be allowed into the country.

If you plan to stay in Indonesia longer than 60 days or if you have a passport other than a standard Canadian one, you will need a visa. In this case, you should start the visa application process well in advance of your trip. The next step is to go to an Indonesian embassy or consulate and file an application. There is usually a fee for this service. When the visa is issued, it is valid for up to 60 days after you entered Indonesia. If you need to stay longer, you must apply for a new visa.

Visas are not required by Canadians for visits of less than 30 days. If you do require a visa, there are Philippine embassies located throughout Indonesia where you can get a visa for IDR 500,000 (about US$30).

The decision on whether you need a visa and, if so, which type of visa you should obtain, depends on how long you intend to stay in Indonesia, what activities you plan to engage in while here, and which types of visas are available at foreign missions in Jakarta.

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