Can I change my visa in Qatar without an NOC?

Can I change my visa in Qatar without an NOC?

Can I change jobs in Qatar if I don't have a NOC? Yes, under the new rule, all employees can change positions at any moment throughout their contract duration without obtaining a NOC. However, they must comply with the following requirements to do so:

They must have been working for the same company for a minimum of six months.

They cannot be dismissed from their current job for this purpose alone. For example, if they are fired by their employer, they will not be able to find another position with the same company.

They must also provide proof of eligibility to work in Qatar (such as a valid work permit or residence permit) and sufficient funds to pay for their relocation expenses.

If you meet these requirements, you should be able to change your visa status without an NOC. However, we recommend that you try to find another job first before you make any changes to your visa status.

Can I change jobs in Qatar without a NOC?

All workers in the State of Qatar have the right to change jobs without first obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC). The Digital Authentication System allows both employees and employers to obtain a copy of the employment contract at any time. This means that if there are any problems with the job, an employee does not need the employer's permission to look for another position.

In fact, it is better for both parties if the employee looks for another job before problems arise because this will prevent any misunderstandings between them. However, if the employee finds another job that he or she feels will be a conflict of interest with their current employer, they should inform their new employer about their NOC from their previous job so as not to cause any issues for their new company. They would also need to provide proof of their identity and work permit status when applying for a job in Qatar.

Employers in Qatar often prefer to hire locally due to language barriers and the high cost of hiring foreigners. Therefore, it is difficult for non-Qatari citizens to find good jobs in the country. If you do manage to find work, make sure that it is acceptable to your passport status so that you do not have any issues once you have started a new job.

Can I come back to Qatar without an NOC?

If you formerly worked in Qatar but are now barred, you can return without a NOC if you receive a fresh job offer from a new company. If you get a fresh employment offer from a new company, that is all you need to return to Qatar if you are subject to a work restriction.

In addition, if your ban is due to military action or because there is a war or public emergency, you can return without a NOC. During such times, you must notify the MFA of your intent to return within 14 days of being notified by the Foreign Employment Review Board about your status.

Those who return to Qatar without a NOC will be denied access to health care, unemployment benefits, and other services. You also cannot be paid for time spent working without a NOC.

It is best to obtain a NOC if you can as it may help with future plans, provide proof of eligibility for services, etc. However, if you cannot obtain one, there are no legal issues with returning home.

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