Can I board a train after five stations?

Can I board a train after five stations?

According to the rules, you are not authorized to board the train after your boarding point. The TTE often accepts boarding one to two stations after your boarding point. However, any passengers who board before you will be issued a confirmed ticket in addition to your RAC ticket. If an inspector sees you aboard the train before your destination station, you will be fined.

In practice, most people don't bother to check the status of the next stop before boarding. If there is no one at the stop and it isn't interfering with the operation of the line, many people will board the train without waiting for the next stop signal. Sometimes this leads to problems when the next stop signal is red, indicating that it is unsafe to board. In this case, the only safe thing to do is get off the train at the next stop signal or wait until it changes.

Some trains have special areas where only certain seats are assigned as "reserved" seats. These reserved seats are usually at the front of the train and are indicated by signage on the train itself or printed material available from the rail company. If you try to sit in a non-reserved seat, they may ask you to move. Even if the sign says that all seats are reserved, some rail companies allow anyone to buy a discount ticket which allows them to sit anywhere on the train.

What are the rules for boarding a train?

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Railways has published particular boarding guidelines for these trains. These are their names: All passengers are required to arrive 90 minutes before the train's departure time. Partially waitlisted ticket holders, like fully confirmed and RAC travellers, are permitted to board the train. If there is no room left on the train, those passengers who did not obtain a seat will have to wait at the station until it is time to leave.

In case of emergency, like if you are being chased by police, they advise that you should try to find something official like a train ticket to use as proof of identity. They also recommend that you carry evidence of health insurance, like the paper version of your policy or your smartphone app, in case you are taken to a hospital after the incident.

The minimum age for travel on Indian trains is 12 years old. However, most railway stations have height restrictions for some carriages - usually either 6 feet 2 inches or 7 feet - so make sure to check when you buy your ticket what the maximum height is for that carriage.

Children under five years old can travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult. The MoRTH allows one infant seat in a carrier or stroller to be carried on any passenger trip.

There are a few trains where only executive class tickets are sold.

Can we board a train with RAC?

RAC ticket holders can now board Indian Railways trains, it has been confirmed. Ticket holders should proceed to the coach/compartment where their seat is located and present their RAC tickets at the window for entry.

Can I get a later train with my ticket?

You can only board the train for which you have a ticket. If you want to leave sooner or later, you must cancel and re-book your ticket, unless your tariff conditions allow it. After that, you'll be able to select a new departure time for your ticket.

How long before a train is canceled?

If you ordered sleeper class tickets and your ticket status is either unconfirmed or RAC, you can cancel your ticket 30 minutes before the train departure. The railroads levy a cancellation fee of Rs. 60 per person for these tickets.

For other classes of travel (1st class or 2nd class), you can cancel your ticket any time after it has been issued but not before the deadline specified on the ticket.

There is no charge to cancel your ticket if you made a mistake when booking it online or by phone. However, unless you cancel your ticket within the prescribed period, you will be liable for the full fare.

In case of delay, there will be an extension of time given by us. In case of termination of train service, we shall try to provide another train but cannot guarantee any particular train or date. We do not issue refunds for delayed or cancelled trains.

In case of flight delays, airlines usually offer a refreshment cart with cold drinks and snacks. They also provide an update on their status page. In case of flight cancellations, airlines will try to re-route you onto another flight or offer a refund, depending on the type of ticket you have.

Delays of more than three hours are rare but not unheard of on Indian railways.

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