Can foreigners enter Malaysia for marriage?

Can foreigners enter Malaysia for marriage?

Anyone who want to marry must first reside in Malaysia for at least seven days before applying. Two trips to the National Registration Department are necessary to apply. Passport and a photocopy of the first page, the page displaying the most recent entrance into Malaysia, and a valid visa or permit for Malaysia. The use of special passes is not permitted.

Who can't enter Malaysia?

Those who cannot enter Malaysia include: aliens whose passports have been revoked or suspended, and foreign nationals who have been declared undesirable aliens by the Minister of Home Affairs.

What if I don't have my passport?

In this case, you can apply for a letter of recommendation from your employer or neighbor. This must be attached to your application form. A completed application form with all relevant documents will be sufficient evidence of identity and eligibility to marry.

How long does it take to get married in Malaysia?

The procedure varies depending on where you apply and what type of ceremony you choose. At government offices, your application can be processed within one working day if you are ready to pay the fee. Otherwise, you can expect to wait several more days while the office processes your file. In some cases, they may ask for an additional document or two before approving your application.

How can a foreigner marry a Malaysian?

All foreign residents seeking to marry must remain in Malaysia for at least 2 days prior to filing their marriage application. The married pair must bring the following documents with them on their first visit:

  1. Marriage application form JPN.
  2. Passport and photocopy of the first page and page showing latest entry into Malaysia.

How does marriage work in Malaysia?

Parties seeking to marry in Malaysia must dwell in the district where they plan to marry for at least 7 days before applying to the National Registration Department (NRD). Marriage registration must take place within 21 days of the application date, but no later than 6 months. A marriage certificate is required by law if you want to prove your marital status for any reason including when applying for a passport or driving license.

The Ministry of Home Affairs publishes a list of religions that are permitted to perform marriages. As long as you choose an authorized wedding photographer who performs civil ceremonies, it should not be an issue.

Malaysia has a number of Muslim-majority states. In these states, it is illegal to hold weddings without a license from the local government. The rules vary between states but often require that you have space in a hotel room for guests to stay after the ceremony and serve food. Sometimes parties need to pay a fee or provide gifts to get married.

In non-Muslim-majority states, there is no requirement that you live in a particular district to get married. However, most couples will choose to register their marriage with the national NRD so they have proof of their marriage if they need to file taxes or apply for a passport.

It is possible to find someone to marry you on Facebook.

Can tourists get married in Malaysia?

Tourists who want to marry in Malaysia must stay in the marriage district for at least 7 days before filing for marriage registration at the National Registration Department Office. The overall cost of the wedding is RM30. Payment is made on the day of your wedding. If you cannot afford this fee, then a Muslim minister will perform the ceremony for free.

In addition, the couple must provide two witnesses who must be present during part or all of the marriage contract signing process. One of the witnesses should not be related to the bride or groom. Their names will be written on a list and will be selected by the marriage registrar. The other witness should be a parent, guardian, or family member who can sign a statement that the couple has married.

The marriage registrar will record the date, time, and place of your wedding and will issue you with a marriage license. This document is valid for 180 days after the date it was issued. After this period, you will need to renew your license by going back to the office where it was registered and paying another RM30. The renewal process takes about 10 minutes.

You will need to bring several documents to prove you are married. These include your passport or identity card, the identity cards of both parties, and the witness signatures. The marriage registrar will ask you some questions about why you want to get married and what religion you follow.

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