Celebrity Cruises Cancelled for 2021?

Celebrity Cruises Cancelled for 2021?

According to the cruise line, two Celebrity ships slated to sail this year have had some sailings cancelled. CELEBRITY alerted travel agencies of the modifications on Wednesday. Two Celebrity Silhouette cruises to Europe, scheduled to embark on September 4 and September 18, 2021, have been canceled. A third cruise, a Mediterranean voyage aboard the CELEBRITY Eclipse set to depart Venice on April 5, has also been canceled.

These are the first announcements made by Celebrity after the company announced in early May that it was canceling most of its spring and summer departures due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, the cruise line said it was evaluating its operations and would make additional announcements if changes were needed.

In June, the cruise line said it was delaying the launch of its new ship, the CELEBRITY Millennium, which was originally scheduled to debut in fall 2020, and pushing back the maiden voyage to late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest. The change was made so the vessel could be made ready for guests with enhanced health and safety measures in place due to concerns over the coronavirus.

The new ship is expected to have 1,000 more available rooms than its predecessor, the CELEBRITY Eclipse. It will also feature more wellness facilities, including a rock wall and yoga deck, as well as a food court with American cuisine from Chef Todd Gray.

Is a celebrity canceling any cruises?

Celebrity Cruises has canceled all voyages till June 30, 2021. All Asian, Australian, and New Zealand cruises have been canceled for the whole 2020–2021 cruise season, and all South American sailings have been canceled for the entire season, until April 7, 2021.

These are very serious steps and indicate that this is not a company that is taking this situation lightly. It also shows how important it is to research any cancellation before you book your trip.

Does this mean I'll get my money back?

No, not necessarily. The company says it will give passengers with cancelled trips the option to either receive a full refund or choose an alternative vacation. However, since these are all-inclusive vacations there's no way to tell what effect, if any, this will have on the price of future trips. For example, if a passenger chooses not to receive a refund but still wants to go on another cruise, they would be required to pay again in addition to the original cost of the trip.

What does this mean for me?

If you have a scheduled cruise booked through Celebrity then we recommend that you cancel it before you travel to avoid any problems upon arrival at your destination.

What happens if a celebrity cancels my cruise?

When Celebrity cancels a trip: Guests booked on impacted voyages are now paid 125 percent of their ticket in the form of future cruise credits. There are options to transfer to the same trip the following year, as well as complete refunds.

The company will also work with guests who want out of their booking but have not yet boarded their sailing to find another cruise offering similar itineraries at a comparable price point.

Guests can submit a claim for a refund by April 30, 2015. Refunds will be issued within 60 days of cancellation, excluding any travel insurance policies that may apply.

For more information on how to book a cruise or claim a refund, visit the Celebrity website.

Are Celebrity Cruises still sailing?

Sailings Have Been Cancelled While we continue to collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and government officials throughout the world, the following changes have been made to the forthcoming 2021 itineraries: Sailings have been canceled till June 30. It's important that you understand these are not departures from Miami or any other US port but American cruise lines prefer to call them "Europe-based" trips even though they don't go to Europe. These are just regular sailings with no stops except at sea.

These are very different times than when most of us were planning our vacations so this is an evolving situation that is difficult for passengers to predict. We will do our best to keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Princess Cruises: Cancelled for 2021?

Princess Cruises has already suspended worldwide passenger cruise holidays and cancelled all departures on all ships till March 31, 2021. The company said the cancellations are necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Princess Cruises is one of the largest cruise line companies in the world. It operates four brands: Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Azamara. The company controls about 35 percent of the global cruise market and has booked more than 1 million passengers this year so far.

In February, Princess Cruises announced that it would be cancelling all sailing until at least March 31 because of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. The company said at the time that it wanted to ensure the safety of its guests and employees by reducing the number of people on board each vessel.

The announcement followed a similar move by Royal Caribbean earlier that month. The company had also canceled all sailings through April 14 due to concerns about the virus. At the time, Royal Caribbean said it made the decision after evaluating how to best protect its guests and crew during this uncertain time.

In January, Princess Cruises announced that it would be ending its winter holiday season early because of low bookings.

Is Royal Caribbean sailing in March 2021?

Due to the worldwide health crisis and official authorisation to resume sailing, Royal Caribbean stated that it will cancel all of its March and April 2021 trips. This comes on the heels of similar announcements by Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line to cancel March sailings owing to the worldwide health crisis and government authorisation to sail again.

In the future, if there is a change to this information and more information is made available, we will update the page. For questions or comments about this story, you can email us at [email protected]

Are there cruises going out of Miami?

Except for trips out of Miami and Port Canaveral in Florida, all voyages from the United States will be canceled for the rest of the year, according to the cruise company.

Has PO cancelled all cruises?

P&O Voyages has cancelled further cruises due to persistent travel restrictions or because itineraries must be changed for operational reasons. The following cancellations have occurred: Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, and Ventura cruises have been canceled till the end of August 2021. Andros and Calypso trips have been postponed.

These are very bad times for cruise passengers who were looking forward to holidaying this summer. Fortunately, there are still options available if you need to book a new cruise holiday. Just make sure you choose a company that is not affected by the coronavirus outbreak or change your dates if one company has decided to cancel its holidays.

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