Are backpacks allowed in Fenway?

Are backpacks allowed in Fenway?

Coolers, bags, and containers Bags must be 5 x 9 x 2 inches in size or less (the size of a small purse or clutch). Backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags, big purses, and other items of a similar kind are not authorized. Diaper bags and luggage holding critical medical equipment will be exempt.

The Red Sox have security personnel at each entrance to check for unauthorized items. If you try to bring something into the game with you, you will be asked to leave it with the security staff.

Please remember that any item, including a backpack, can be used as a weapon so please keep this in mind when planning your visit to Boston.

Have a safe trip!

Are backpacks allowed in Comerica Park?

All bags, purses, and clutches are now forbidden, with the exception of medical or baby bags. Single compartment wallets with dimensions of less than 5" x 7" x 1.5", with or without a handle or strap, are authorized. Tote bags are also permitted.

The policy was implemented after several incidents involving players carrying items into the stadium. In August 2008, Houston Astros second baseman Jose Cruz was arrested for trespassing and criminal mischief after an incident at the home opener against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in which he struck out seven times. In September 2008, Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Carlos Peña was charged with misdemeanor battery after an altercation with an employee of Oakland Athletics baseball team during which he is reported to have pulled a knife on the man. The Athletics released him the next day.

These are not the first ballplayers to be arrested while playing in Houston. In April 1977, members of the New York Yankees were arrested for drunkenness and disorderly conduct after a night game against the Houston Astros. Three other men involved in this incident also had their names published by the press: Mike Torrez, who was then the Yankees' manager; Don Baylor, who played third base for Houston that night; and Woody Woodward, a guest of Torre's who was drinking with them.

What kinds of bags are allowed at Staples Center?

No bags, backpacks, purses, totes, transparent bags, fanny packs, or camera bags are permitted. Small clutches and wallets no larger than 5" x 9" x 1" are allowed and subject to security check.

However, if you have a medical condition that requires the use of an inhaler, syringe, or other similar product, please inform a Security Officer before entering the venue.

Staples Center is committed to providing a safe environment for our fans and employees. Any item that may be used as a weapon will not be permitted into the venue.

Staples Center has implemented several measures in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our fans. All persons entering the venue will need to pass through one of our screening points. Any item that cannot be screened will not be permitted into the venue.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will also be present at all times during Kings games to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance. Officers will be located in various areas of the stadium to respond to any incident that may arise.

Does the United Center have a clear bag policy?

The United Center now restricts all backpacks and hard-sided bags, as well as any other bags (including briefcases, luggage, purses, and baby bags) that are bigger than 14" x 14" x 6". Drawstring bags with a single pocket and stylish backpack purses will be authorized. These restrictions apply to everyone, including members of the media.

Backpacks are allowed in the building but only in the Loose & Comfortably Numb Store on the first floor. Please note that due to security precautions, there is no option to check these items at the door this season.

Comfortably numb stickers can be purchased in the store for $3.99. The United Center recommends that you place one sticker on your bag to indicate that you have entered a secure area.

If you lose your sticker, please report it to security immediately so that we can provide you with another one.

There is also a special section of the store dedicated to helping fans relax before and after games. It's called "Loose & Comfy Happens."

You can buy comfier seats in Section 108, or you can bring your own if you wish. There are also blankets, pillows, and props for sale if you need them to make yourself more comfortable while watching your favorite team play basketball.

Cash payments are accepted at ticket windows on the first floor.

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