Are all-inclusive resorts like cruises?

Are all-inclusive resorts like cruises?

All-Inclusive Resorts Include a Lot More. Cruise tickets often include lodging, meals (though not at all aboard restaurants), nonalcoholic drinks, and pool access. However, most of them charge extra for soda, wine, premium restaurant meals, tips, and some aboard activities. In addition, they tend to be less clean than conventional hotels with more staff per guest. Finally, they can be crowded with families looking for a fun environment where their kids can swim without being overloaded with "cruise stuff."

The main difference between an all-inclusive resort and a cruise ship is that at an all-inclusive resort, you will also find many additional amenities that are not available on a cruise ship. For example, you could get good food, lots of it, at an all-inclusive resort but on a cruise ship you would usually eat at designated stations. In addition, the rooms at an all-inclusive resort are generally better quality than those on a cruise ship. Finally, the atmosphere at an all-inclusive resort is usually much more relaxed.

If you're thinking about taking a vacation using your cruise line's credit card, remember that these programs are very common at major all-inclusive resorts but not at all times. Also, don't forget to check with other cards before you travel or write down the name of another hotel chain because many times your card won't be accepted there either.

Why are cruises better than all-inclusives?

4 Reasons Cruising Is Better Than All-Inclusive Resorts

  • On a cruise, you get to explore multiple destinations for no additional cost.
  • On a cruise, you have more options of things to do.
  • You will have varied entertainment on a cruise vacation.
  • Cruise prices, without excursions or extras, are generally lower than all-inclusive resort prices.

Are drinks free in all-inclusive resorts?

If you go on an all-inclusive vacation, it implies that your lodging, unlimited food, beverages, activities, and entertainment are all included in the resort's booking price—no hidden fees. Some hotels may charge a small fee for use of their swimming pool or gym but other than that, you should have nothing to pay for. In addition, many resorts offer discounts for children, seniors, veterans, and members of AARP.

All-inclusives cater to people who want to party without having to worry about paying bills or taking out loans. There's no need to spend your holiday budget on meals or drinks because everything is included in one price. However, living it up at an all-inclusive can get expensive if you decide to eat and drink too much. Since you don't have to worry about spending money on groceries or liquor, it can be easy to go overboard during holidays or summer vacations when restaurants and bars are more affordable. If you plan to visit several cities or countries while you're on holiday, also consider bringing your own food and drink so you don't have to spend extra on dining options.

Some resorts will charge you for certain items such as soda, bottled water, and snacks. It's best to always bring your own bottle of water since they sell them everywhere on the island (and even some off-island)!

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